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Lowering with 225-30-18 in front

31 May 2001
Brookfield, CT
Can you lower, say 1", with 225-30-18's in front. Would that cause rubbing?

What springs would you recommend for lowering the car 1"?

Eibach springs are your best bet for a one inch drop. I have 18" up front w/a 35's (eibach springs) I only have rubbing on the right front when turning sharp (lock to lock).....your ok w/a 30 series. Just my .02

I don't think there's a 225/30/18 tire size, you probably meant 225/35/18?

If you have the right offset, you won't rub. I've heard of others using this size(225/35/18) and don't have problems with rubbing.

Let us know how it turns out.

Instead of springs you could go with Coilovers. Then you can adjust your ride height 0 to 3 inches. There are a few companies that make them for the NSX. I think I'm going to get coilovers when I sell my Neuspeed springs.
Coilovers will certainly give you the greatest flexibility of your ride height, but the good ones aren't cheap. If your planning on spending $2000.00+ on a set then you've got a couple of good sets to choose from. On the other hand, if you plan on spending only in the $500.00 range, do yourself a favor and avoid the cheap coilovers.

I've got 225/40/18 Nittos in front with Eibach springs. I rarely rub, only at parking speeds with the wheel locked.

I'd say you should be safe.

Make sure to get an alignment!!!
Installed a set of Ground Controls with great results. I can go wild and drop the height 3" or more. However, it is best to stay reasonable and have the suspension aligned accordingly. After that, any adjustment may throw off your alignment.

Paul Siu