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Maintenance Journey (1993 Berlina Black): What am I missing?

28 July 2022
Middle TN
Howdy folks, so I'm about to undergo a TB change and wanted some feedback on what I'm missing:

Vehicle: 1993 NSX; ~121,500miles. The last TB was done at 95,506 which was 12 years ago.

Currently, I've purchased and plan the following:
  1. SOS 90k Mile Service kit - OEM parts
    • Timing Belt
    • Water pump w/housing and cover
    • valve cover gaskets
    • tube seals
    • washers, head cover
    • oil filter
    • air filter
    • alternator & AC belts
  2. SOS VTEC Seal Kit - OEM parts
    • spool valve filter assembly
    • solenoid base filter assembly
    • oil pressure switch o-rings
    • oil pressure sensor o-ring
  3. Oil Pan & Dipstick - OEM parts
    • oil pan gasket
    • dipstick o-ring
  4. OEM crankshaft pulley
  5. Coolant hose set
  6. Koyo radiator
  7. Install Cedar Ridge timing belt shield
  8. Install OEM rear main transmission seal
  9. Install OEM tensioner
  10. Install OEM idler
  11. Install OEM crank seal

What else would the community recommend? I'm debating on LMA's right now.
I would do LMA for sure, cam plugs and seals, oil pan baffle, clutch master and slave cylinder, clean injectors and new fuel filter.
Since you’ll have the cooling system apart, you could also do the thermostat, all the water temp sensors, and the front pipe with the updated bleeder (Not sure what year they added it). Maybe even the coolant tank if yours is yellowed.
I'd also get your VVIS butterfly screws locktite - worth a search for all the near misses and horror stories!

It likely also hasn't had the valves adjusted. Might be worth it for worry free operation for many many miles :)

*Edit love the screenname btw!