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Maintenance quote from Acura Dealer

26 April 2023
Hello, I just got a package quote from the Acura dealer for a comprehensive service package. My car is a 2018 with 13K miles. The previous owner never changes anything besides the oil change.

Oil change $450
Brake fluid $230
Trans fluid $ 390
Cabin Filter, intake filter, engine coolant, and alignment $515

All together for $1585 + tax. Does that sound about right? She also gave me a discount, but the percentage was unknown.

Is there anything that I should do besides what's mentioned above?

All pretty reasonable. However, engine coolant is only required at 10 years/75,000 miles. I would also change the twin electric motor oil if the original owner hasn't done so. Very easy and quick to do.
I agree that the prices you received are reasonable and not too high. The transmission is complex in that there is the trans fluid, but also gear oil. You have to remove the rear underneath panel which has a lot of attachment points. Very time consuming. Also Honda specific materials.
I agree the twin motor flush is typically not expensive and worth doing. I have 13k miles on my car and recently did everything except for the radiator flush. As noted by Leon the time frame is out there.
Our cars are like expensive mechanical chronograph watches that not only need to run, but also need periodic maintenance.
I confirmed with the service advisor the $1585 package includes:
1. Oil change
2. Trans fluid
3. Clutch fluid
4. Brake fluid
5. Cabin AF
6. Intake AF
7. Coolant fluid
8. Alignment

It does not include the Twin Motor Unit Fluid. How much does this service usually cost?

She said she couldn't find the service and said there was a differential fluid change for the NSX, which cost $390. Is that the Twin Motor Unit in NSX terms?

She also said that she is not the subject matter experts on the NSX and will ask the technician to make sure and get back with me on Monday.
If they are a certified NSX facility, they absolutely have to know about the Twin Motor Unit. A little worrisome if they don't. It literally takes minutes to do and very little fluid is required. It should almost be a freebie. I really discourage you from doing the coolant flush; absolutely no reason to do so.
The differential fluid change is part of servicing the transmission in my mind. The trans uses the trans fluid as does the front twin motor unit. The differential uses the special gear oil from Honda. This is what makes the whole trans fluid change complex and time consuming and expensive. Do them both. See my comments above.

As for the dealership not being completely aware, I would not worry too much. If they have a certified NSX Tech then he will know.

Let’s face the facts, the first gen and second gen NSX are no longer being made, therefore less justification for sending techs in for special training. Most experienced Honda or Acura techs are capable of working on our cars. The technical information is available to them. Hell, most of us work on our own cars to a limited degree. We are not talking about breaking apart a transmission or engine. I think the prices you have are good. The rear differential requires a lot of stuff to be removed to facilitate access.

For changing the trans both gear oil and trans fluid, I had received quotes as high as $1500. So $800 is a good price in my opinion.
The good news, the total cost came out to $1298; the dealer did the following:

- Oil change
- Trans fluid
- Clutch fluid
- Brake fluid
- Cabin AF Cleaning
- Intake AF Cleaning

They said they did not replace the Cabin and Intake AFs and coolant since they were not bad at all, so they just cleaned them instead of charging me for new ones. $1298 is unheard of for a major service on a super car of this caliber. Ferrari or P-cars would probably cost 3 to 5 times more. I still remember paying almost $1500 for an oil change for my 2014 R8V10+. Cheers!!!