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Making short documentary film about cars- seeking video equipment operator help

28 September 2008
I’ve owned some nice cars, performed a partial restoration using my own tools, driven my former NSX on the track numerous times, been to countless car shows, taken thousands of photos, participated in road trips and meet-ups, and organized some well attended events. My next undertaking is to make a great short documentary film celebrating the love of cars.

I’ve laid-out about 80% of the production and written most of the dialogue. This includes a total of 6 segments that comprise car shows, car nostalgia, road trips, drivebys, and track action.

My film will be a small production project and something I am just doing for fun. I am not able to pay anyone but willing to defray certain costs. My film demands a project team…

Film Crew
- Director/Producer/Writer: me
- Co-producer
- HD camera operator
- HD video camera operators
- Video editing/ special effects specialist
- HD audio specialist
- Drivers
- Artist (font, logo, artwork interjected throughout video, etc.)

I live in Orange County, CA and seeking people with the talent and equipment to help make my film a reality. As I mentioned, I am only doing this for fun. This would simply be a collaboration among video, photography and car enthusiasts to pool our collective resources to produce a great car film and to put your mark on it.

Have any ideas? I’d love to hear from you and to brainstorm.

Steve VamVaketis
[email protected]
mobile 949-422-1341


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