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Malibu Canyon Drive Follow-Up

25 July 2014
Costa Mesa, CA (Southern California)
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The Malibu Canyon Drive was a big success last Sunday the 25th. Even with a few cancellations we still had 16 cars that went on the drive. As usual, Les planned a really fun drive and we had almost zero traffic most of the way. We started out with some “breakfast brownies” from Patty and boy were they good (I had two). The route was full of twisty roads and most of us had lunch at Yellow Fever at the end of the drive.

I took a few snapshots of the meet-up and at Yellow Fever. I was too busy having fun to take any shots during the drive.

Here is the link and the password.



Thanks to Patty and especially Les for organizing.
Nice pics as always Craig, thanks for sharing.
170625_093259-01(1) NSXs hood.jpg
^Long Beach Blue Pearl following Monaco Blue.

170625_093326-01 NSXs.jpg

170625 fire.jpg
^The smoke from the fire off the 14 in Placerita Canyon, where I drove from Yellow Fever. I took the long way home after the 14 freeway was closed. It was a great excuse to get more drive time in my hottie car. It got love from a guy at a red light in Santa Monica, a couple at Subway in Acton, the female gas station attendant at Costco in Rancho Cucamonga and a passenger out the window of a car on 15 south. It's my duty to let that beauty be seen. :biggrin:
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