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Manufacture Dates???

13 November 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I've done a search on prime and came up empty ... I was wondering if anyone knows the exact month that the 91 NSXs began being manufactured. The reason I ask is that I am going to be importing one into Canada from the US and if the car is 15 years or older, then it reduces a LOT of expense and headache for me. I'm hoping that they started in the early part of 1990 which would mean that they are now over the 15 year mark.

Munkey, the telling factor for the unit you intend to import into CANADA from the USA is likely the month and year of the manufacturer's certification label, depicted on your prospective NSX's FMVSS label found on the "B" pillar inside the driver's door opening, top left or right corner of label.
nsx-tech is right. :wink:
That is what regulatory agencies will use to determine the age of the vehicle. :tongue:
Good luck with this.
I understand that the date is based on the specific car and not on the first one that was built ... c'mon give me a little more credit then that! :wink:

I was just wondering when the first one's rolled of the lines. IE. if the first ones we're manufactured in August 1990, then it really doesn't do much good for me to look for one that is 15 years old until August 2005. However, if the first ones came off the line in February 1990, then they will be over 15 years old and i can see if I can find one now.
I took the training coarse for the nsx in july of 1990 and there were cars there to work on so I'd think the first off :confused: the line would have been in may or june of 90.
I just checked my early Canadian model for fun.
It was manuf. in 7/90, so thats July.
My vin is 0045, and still looking for an earlier Canadian one out there.
p.s. Where did you take your nsx course? Also when are you moving to Edmonton?
NSXBill2 has one of the earliest ones, in the first 1 percent of those made for the 1991 model year. Maybe he can check his date of manufacture (on the sticker in the driver's door jamb) and tell us what month his was built...
My US NSX serial number is MT000085. I am fairly certain that the mfg date is 6/90. I can't look right now, but I remember Gary M asking me that question when I first got it in 2000.

The way the story goes is that the first 63 serial numbers (01-63) were pre-production cars and thus the very first (US, at least) car was number 000064...+/-. This would make my car the 22nd production car in the US. When removing my door panel, it had "#22" hand-written on it with a marker. This may be normal for many or all cars or just a coincidence. The other door had #23, so go figure (mixed up?).

Having said all that, I feel it is extremely unlikly that any US (or Canada) model would have a mfg date earlier than maybe 5/90 and probably 6/90 is the earliest because they were really banging them out right then.

My car was originally delivered to Apple Tree Acura in Ashville, NC and purchased in very early September of 90.

Several years ago, I noticed #79 for sale and called out of curiosity (the guy was in Tennessee, but the car was in Florida). I never laid eyes on it, but it sounded ligitimate. Besides mine, that was the only production car I've ever heard of that was even below 100.

Also of interest possibly: I think the shell in front of the factory is actually #000001. One of the cars featured in the black and silver brochure is #000004. When speaking to the guys at RealTime Racing, they said their NSX race car was #000003 and that they also had #000009. All of these would of course be preproduction cars. It is rumored that most of the preproduction cars were destroyed/recycled/crushed.

I'm sure that some of the other 20 cars earlier than mine besides #79 are still out there. I've just never heard of them.


It is safe to say that the earliest car was made in June of 90 as they were making 25 cars a day then.
What are the advantages of buying a 15 year old car in the USA and bringing it to Canada? You still need day-time running lights, you still pay 6.5 % duty, you still pay all provincial and federal taxes, don't you?
NSXBill2 said:
Besides mine, that was the only production car I've ever heard of that was even below 100.
Although Bill's is the earliest manufactured car reported by members of the NSX Club of America, other members have reported owning MT000092, MT000094, and MT000098.
The advantage of getting one that is 15+ years older is that you don't have to go through the RIV regulations. This means that you don't need to do DRLs and child seat attachment, you also don't have to pay the A/C and RIV fees. The duty(6.1%) is still applicable and so is are the taxes(GST + provincial sales tax).

The other big difference is that you don't need to get a recall letter from Acura which they are being asses about, and for cars less than 15 years old you need this letter to bring the car into the country. Honda USA(and hence Acura USA) is refusing to give out recall letters to allow people to bring the cars into canada. As far as I understand there is a class action lawsuit against them since this violates some sort of free trade agreement we have set up with the US. The only solution to this is to find a seller in the US who is willing to lie to Acura USA and say that they are moving to canada and want to bring their car with them, this is the only way that Acura will give a letter .... that or wait until they are over 15 years old.
That's excellent that you don't have to do DRLs. Saves you 800 dollars or more. It's about time we brought all our 80XXXX model NSXs home, plus a few extras. That's probably why Honda USA is scared to give us letters. :)

I would offer NSXBill2 "100 million dollars" for his NSX if he throws in that airplane.