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Marga-hills headlight assembly

I'm doing it so right now. I will post the pics as soon as the car is ready. I have on my car the bumper that is designed to take that kit. You might be able to use it, if you are willing to cut out some of the plastic, because they do seat lower than the stock headlight.I mean when your stock headlight is fully popped.http://www.wombat.or.jp/kotobuki-66/messe2001/messe2001.htm

Crazy4Cars Racing

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Hey Enrique,

If you get a chance can you post some pics of the unit and the bumper? I was told that the headlight assembly and cover would work with the OEM bumper.

Umm... anything can work.. stock OEM bumper with the kit would require a lot of cutting + bondoing + fiberglassing. I recommend just get the kit. The stock OEM bumper is just not aggressive. The stock is made of very flexible material polymers (not ureathane). Not a good mix with hard fiberglass and fragile bondo and paint.

currently getting a kit worked out. http://members.aol.com/nsxpowered/comptech/

was a comptech project, but decided not to do it and create a company based in the US.

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