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Mark Basch update

17 June 2003
Royal Oak, MI
I spoke to Mark Basch today and he asked that I post up a little update as to his situation in the hospital. He has been impossible to reach obviously and knows that many of you are probably wondering as to the status of your parts, builds, groceries, etc.

The doctors have diagnosed Mark with a pulmonary embolism in his right lung - basically an artery in the lung is blocked by a considerable blood clot. As simple as this sounds, pulmonary embolisms are known to be the third most common cause of death in the US.

To add salt to the wound, one of the hospital staff missed Mark’s vein and injected 50ccs of iodine into the muscle tissue in his arm while preparing for a cat scan last weekend. Other than looking like a lopsided version of Popeye according to Jane, Mark seems to be doing OK under the circumstances.

The good news is that Mark still has his sense of humor and is hoping to be out of the hospital after this weekend. He’s not sure how much time he will have to spend away from any major activity but is planning on working at the shop under a more “administrative” title for a while.

By the way, today is Mark’s 50th birthday to boot.

Get well soon Mark. Pulmonary emboli (PE's) are often fatal but diagnosed early enough are very treatable. Thank goodness he did seek medical treatment and was properly diagnosed.

Too many men end up dead because we tend to "shrug off" symptoms like being short of breath or chest discomfort thinking it's just a little heartburn. Point of story, when in doubt... seek professional medical advice.
Hey Mark - old dickhead here, wishing you a speedy recovery. Godspeed.
An update on the update....

Bob, staunchly manning the shop phones, was kind enough to pass on the hospital phone number; so armed, I caught up with Mark late Thursday afternoon.

I found him slightly medicated, already bored, pissed at the clot, and very apologetic about not being able to attend to all the cars in his shop. I let him know that we were all big boys and we could actually wait for our toys. I trust that we’ll all advise him of this.

I also managed to catch up to Jane at their home. She is in good spirits, which is amazing, considering the severity of what they both went through. (Suffice it to say, pneumonia is not an embolism, and vice versa. There is much to say for an accurate diagnosis, both in cars and people.)

Jane has given Mark his laptop so as to prevent him from chewing through his restraints and walking home. As far as she knows, he’s watching the DVD’s she piled on his sidetable.

I don’t know if Mark has web access from his hospital bed, but your good wishes will be appreciated whenever he gets to this thread.

So… Happy Birthday Mark. Find a better location for next year. And don’t work on my car 'til the doctor says so.
Best wishes

Hi Mark,

Hope you are on the mend. Lousy way to spend you’re 50th! Hopefully you can celebrate when you get out. Jody and I miss you, Jane, BAS, and Dina. Congratulations on the new shop, hope it is everything you wanted. Don't over due it when you come back, (although I know you will), and it's probably a great time to give up those damn cancer sticks! :p Probably won't make it to NSXPO this year, but you know we will be at NSXPO in AZ 2005. Take care

I have never met you in person, but I know you mean a lot to the NSX community. So get well soon. And happy Birthday.
We wish you a quick and easy recovery,and Mark listen to your doctors and follow thier advise and future prevention,and while I'm at it quit smoking!;)
Thanks for the updates.

Mark, Jane, Dinah, & Co.....Our thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery (and an enjoyable belated birthday celebration) are with you.

Richard R.