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Mas du Clos 2005, aftermath.

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam
Welcomed by beautifull weather, and breathtaking landscapes, the 9 hours driving was well worth it (darn Paris!!).
Me gf had been looking for a authentic french place to stay, and made reservations for our group at a chateau near the circuits.
We where welcomed by the owner of the chateau, showing us our rooms, and it didn't take long for me gf to find the chateau's cat.
The night we went into a nearby small town, allready meeting up with some other trackdrivers, having some food and drinks.

Next day after a typical french breakfeast (just a piece of bread, and if your lucky, you get some butter), we went to the first circuit.
Turned out that there where so few drivers, there wasn't going to be a race, just free practice whole day long.
Other then the usual Integra's, Civics and NSX's there wasn't much to look at.

Then we noticed a few japanese guys, within the Swiss group (group Sage, the president Honda Swiss, AKA Gheba's friend). These guys had their hands on a red Civic type-R, with modified suspension, though the car was brand spanking new.
Rumors where that these guys where from Honda Japan. But not knowing specifically yet.

The day went on enjoying the weather and views from around the track.
I didn't make a lot of pictures, coz it was the 4th time around, so it would only be more of the same.
We met up again with the Honda vicar (a french preacher, fond of cars, often visitting the circuit in his habit, blessing the cars, and being on the track with people offering him a ride).
Peter made his day by handing out his carkeys to him, letting him for a drive on the circuit in a NSX (Peter had to drive another 2750 miles afterwards :wink: )
The vicar was well, well chuffed, unpayable expression on his face.

Since me gf was showing a lot of interest in the track CTR (she has a black CTR), Peter (Imola orange NSX) arranged that she could have a few laps in the CTR with one of the Japanese guys.
When they got of the track, he gave her his businesscard, which turned out that he was the managing director of the designing department of Honda sportscars (or something like that).....yes....indeed......the NSX department.... I think Gerard kept the cards, which he can post when he is back from his stay in France.
Turned out to be really friendly guys, showing interest in the CTSC of Gerard.
I couldn't bother asking them about the new 'NSX', though Gerard did. I think they gave him something about an decisions or something, but to me these guys will tell you anything, except the truth.

We had a great day, went for a few laps on the track with peter and Gerard, and Gerard let me drive his NSX for a few laps as well (thankx m8).

Next day was Charade, a small track near Clermont Ferand. This track we never been to before. What an amazing circuit! Tight corners, going uphill and downhill, no room for errors, conrete walls everywhere....
I didn't get to make a lot of pictures here.

I stayed with me gf for another day in france, doing some sightseeing around, up on the mountain roads :smile: .

You can find more pictures here . A lot of them include my NSX, mainly because the view is always better with a NSX in it ;)
If the link is down, try again later... i might be soffin, and need the bandwidth.
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Indeed, nice review. And nice chateau!

I wonder what the head of the NSX design dept thinks of the v10 info. He's had a fairly easy job the last 15 years. ;)

And I wish they brought the CTR over to the States. When my family and I visited Deustchland, I saw them everywhere.

Again, great write-up!
Hi Mich,

Very nice pictures as usual ! Thanks for the report !

Hope to see you and Ilse the 27th of August,