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Matt Simmons on Oil Prices

18 April 2004
Omaha, NE
I think hes 110% right on long term oil prices. Obviously his little analogy about what we should do with price floors and going back to living in villages is not to be taken seriously, its simply being used to illustrate his point that we need to devote resources towards energy alternatives.

But most importantly, i think what he mentions on a oil shortage bringing this country and our food supply to a screeching halt is a real possibility in the future. Not that it will, but it still makes me uneasy thinking about it that it could happen. When you think how much of our infrastructure is based off diesel supply and trucking, its a scary thought.

Side note... its pretty hilarious when he puts his comments out there initially... the looks on the presenters faces are priceless! :lol:

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NOV and RIG and you win either way. Supply is and will be lower than demand short of a nuclear war [other wars need oil anyways] and real prices will continue to rise.

No one knows who is right but if the choices are demo vs repub either way we will probably be "ok". But if the choices are between 'ok' and living in grass huts we might want to take a serious look at it.