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maximum size rotor for the 97+ bracket with 91 calliper

9 May 2010
Aotearoa New Zealand
Hi guys, after searching a lot of threads about what brake kits are best and seeing that there are some oversize rotor kits out there for the front 97+ calliper and bracket i was wondering can you fit a larger rotor than the OEM size 298 x 28.
i see RB do a kit with their own bracket that goes to 324 and an older thread that AP did a kit that goes to 330 while still using the OEM calliper now i realize they have their own brackets however can you fit a larger rotor in the OEM calliper bracket configeration?
i have the 91 callipers with 97 brackets i am not worried about extra braking with all the mods i have done its good enough for what i do but a little bit more heat sink would be nice if only for another lap or 3 also just a bit more better looking.
so this is not about which brake setup is best but can you fit larger rotors in this OEM size even with a bit of adjusting like what the RB kit has to do.
RB can crack, getting better rotors in stock size like stop tech aerorotor or project mu 2 piece will help stoptech is about half the price. also ducting helps
The purpose of the bracket is to properly align the caliper, brake piston, and brake pad to the brake rotor.
If you have 97+ brackets, then the largest rotor size you should use with that bracket is the 1997+ size (which is 298mm).

Should you decide to change brackets, you maybe able to get larger rotors in there. But I would highly advise against trying to squeeze larger rotors into a bracket not designed for it as the pad, brake piston, and rotor won't be properly aligned.

Read this for more information about how the Racing Brake brackets more properly align all the components for the best braking possible.

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thanks guys
the question came more from the brake rotor supplier as he said you might be able to put bigger rotors than standard in without the problems you described, so i thought i would ask and see what came up.
these guys supply a lot of race teams down here but as there are only about 6 NSX's in the country no one knows a lot about them.
They said in some cases you can, it wasnt that i was trying to put bigger rotors in there, just curious if you could and if you could then i would look into it.