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Meet on July 4th?

3 April 2009
Hey folks, how about a meet on July 4th? The one we had at the North Shore on April 7th was awesome -- especially the drive!!

I work at 3:15PM, so I'm in if we can meet up before lunch so I'll have some time to cruise before I go to work. Maybe a 10AM start?
I would propose hanging around Hawaii Kai/Honolulu side of the Island. I think another North Shore trip at least for me might be a little tight time wise. We should be able to find a good place to maybe get some lunch out in Hawaii Kai, maybe even Kailua side too.
I think Hawaii Kai is a good idea. It would be good to meet in as many different places as possible.

Is there a decent route to go for a drive after?
We can do that. Lots of places will be close on 4th of July, but I think Zippys will be open. We can just have a quick lunch at Koko Marina Zippy's in Hawaii Kai, then those who have to go can go, and those who can stay maybe we can drive around through Waimanalo for a quick drive.
So you guys sure you want to meet at this Pear/Park accross Hawaii Kai Dr? I heard there is some sort of community event going on at 1PM there so not too sure what parking will be like even at 10AM
Sounds good for me. I'll bring a friend as a passenger.
I'm upgrading some alarm wiring and hope to have it together by the 4th.
I'd like to meet up, but also think that the location maybe kinda tough since it's 4th of July. Is there an alternative? Maybe on the back side of H3/Kailua-Kaneohe?

I can probably meet up and do lunch, but will most likely can't make the drive.

How about Tues evening? I used to meet up with the other NSX/S2k drivers at Starbucks on Ward ave. Just a suggestion.

I'm game for whatever
Kofi wanted to meet up July 4th so I think we should stick to that day. Looks like Brian, Lorenzo, and and I have to work in the afternoon so we'll probably just make it for lunch mostly. If everyone is on time, I think we could change the meeting locations to the windward side at 10AM. That should give us enough time to drive over to Hawaii Kai for a quick lunch at Zippy's before the rest of us leave for work. Steven lives in Kailua so he can join us on the way. Brian, my brother, and I live on the west side so we can drive down together from there. That just leaves Kofi and Lorenzo to meet up with us.

How about we meet at Windaward City Shopping Center in front of 24 hour Fitness?
Ok, Winward City Shopping Center at 10am Wed sounds good.

How would we get to HI Kai? Routes 83 to 72? Driving that route will be a first for me, so looking forward to it!

Any other options for quick lunch other than Zippy's in HI Kai? :redface: I'm not too particular, but.......maybe Shack instead?
Which Shack? In Kailua Enchanted Lakes? We can eat wherever. Just not sure what eating places there are in Kailua or hawaii Kai. Post up suggestions and we'll decide by tonight. Zippy's is always a fall back place if we can't find another.
Shack in Hawaii Kai sounds good. You know where 24Hr fitness is in Windward City Shopping Center is right? Ezra just texted me and said he thought you said Windward Mall. Two difference shopping centers.
Just checked this thread to see if we were still meeting up in Hawaii Kai. Looks like it changed to Windward City Shopping Center. Sorry, I guess I can't make it today since I work out in Kahala.

Have a good meet today guys!