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michigan to wisconsin

Half the fun of NSXPO is getting there so I think it’d be fun to join a convoy either the northeast or Chicago or both. There was also a little talk about taking the ferry (www.ssbadger.com) from Ludington, MI but I think it’ll be difficult to work out logistically. I think we need to decide if the ferry is an option for the NE group and if so then we need to start working on arrangements, otherwise I’m sure we can arrange to meet the NE group somewhere on I-80, maybe around I-80 and I-69?
The problem with the ferry is that it takes a lot longer. The ferry leaves Ludington at 8:30 am and arrives Manitowoc at 2:00 pm. That means it takes six and a half hours. That doesn't count the drive from Detroit to Ludington (three? hours). And, to make the ferry, you'd probably want to stay over in Ludington, so you'd kill Tuesday evening, too. More time... but a nice way to relax.

If you drive around the big lake, you could leave Detroit at 7:00-7:30 am, meet up with the Chicago convoy at noon, and start relaxing in Elkhart Lake by 2:30 pm. Or, you could leave Detroit around 10:30-11:00 am and go straight to the RealTime reception.

Decisions, decisions...

Incidentally, there may be folks coming from Montreal and Toronto who might be interested in hooking up with you when they get to Detroit.
I would definately be interested in driving with the other from Michigan. I don't think the Ferry sounds like a good option for me though. Let me know when you want to meet and I will be there!
Looks like the ferry option is out, which is fine. If anyone is interested in joining the Michigan convoy to NSXPO '01, please email me at [email protected] so I can add your name to the list. At this point I think we have a shot at meeting up with the NE convoy either somewhere in Indiana or at I-94 before Chicago and then meet the Chicago group at noon and then head on up to Elkhart Lake with the big group a.k.a. NSXPO ’99. It’ll be fantastic!