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Misc NSX Parts

Yellow Rose

22 November 2001
All prices are OBO. The first three items from Dali Racing and the remaining items are from Honda. All costs include shipping within the contiguous United States.

Tilton proportioning valves for F-R big brake kit. Includes machined aluminum mounting clamp and pre-bent / flared tubing by Mark Basch. $100

<s>Polished aluminum mounting base for in-car camera. This clamps around the horizontal tube of a harness bar. Does not include the attachment that screws into the bottom of the camera, this is just the base. $25 </s> SOLD

<s>Machined aluminum fittings for remote oil filter (and cooler) mounting. Includes the two mounts with o-rings and 10’ of 5/8” of stainless steel hose. $100</s> SOLD

<s>Two front shocks – approximately 20k miles on them. $100</s> SOLD

<s>Transmission input shaft for the short gears – brand new, still in the box. $100</s> SOLD

<s>Engine coolant reservoir. $25</s> SOLD

<s>Rear suspension end links – left and right. $25</s> SOLD

<s>Triangular strut bar for a targa model. $50</s> SOLD

Complete set (all four corners) brake calipers, mounting brackets, shims, pads, hoses. Includes four Stillen drilled rotors. $500 (If someone here is on the Integra forum, I would greatly appreciate you posting this to there for me. I don’t want to register there just for one for-sale post.)

<s>Exhaust manifolds and downpipes for both cylinder banks. $75</s> SOLD
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Coolant Reservoir

Yes, but it is gone.

Only items remaining are the F-R proportioning valves (say, with the FX to go fast, you need a BBK to stop fast, so you need to buy the Tiltons :smile: ) and the OEM brakes. The two will go onto E-bay soon.
Tilton proportioning valves for F-R big brake kit. Includes machined aluminum mounting clamp and pre-bent / flared tubing by Mark Basch. $100

If it is a adgastable front to back, if yes I will take it.

russellkane - there is another potential buyer ahead of you. If that falls through, I will let you know.

The valves and tubing are brand new, never installed.

They mount to the aluminum "frame" that protects the ABS system, from when the spare tire is removed and put back into its place. Without this "frame" the ABS components could be damaged if the weight of the spare tire hit something. The machined aluminum mount clamps to this "frame" and the valves bolt to the mount.

There are four pieces of pre-bent tubing.....two for the right brakes and two for the left brakes. For each side, a tube goes from the bottom of the master cylinder to the Tilton and the other tube goes from the Tilton to the brake fluid distribution block.
Can you post or send a picture or two?

If I could, I would.....I don't have a digital camera. Go to the Dali Racing website, and there you will find a picture of the valves. I do not recall if the picture shows the pre-bent tubing, but they are included with these valves.
The Tilton proportioning valves with tubing have been sold.

The complete OEM brakes will go on E-bay either this Sunday, April 17th or next Sunday, April 24th. Price begins at $1.00 (not a typo) and will end at whatever the market can support. Happy bidding. :smile: