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Mobile Madness World Expo : Regional Auto Show

15 July 2009
Hey guys, I am putting together another show. I appreciate those of you came out to our last event ACURAFEST at Chuckchanso Casino in 2010. (ACURAFEST 2012 is in the works for the fall woot!)

Well, 2 weeks ago I jumped in to help a local charity. The date was already preset and I understand it is really last minute. With that being said, I would like to cordially invite the PRIME MEMBERS to the event. If anybody has ay special needs, like group staging/placing etc, please PM me or Email me [email protected].

This is one of those events that you do for the love of the "CAR ENTHUSIAST" game. 100% of registration and vendor admission goes to support the local SHRINERS charity. So far we have great support from Eurosunday (they are actually having their Eurosunday meet take place at the show!,) Budwieser (Beergarden!) & Nos Energy, not to mention a plethora of local businesses.

I know its a bit of a drive from the bay & sac, but we have a caravan leaving from the bay with the guys that staffed WEKFEST & there is always room for the NSX family!

Anyhow, on to the general details.


The show will be split into 3 regions: EURO, IMPORT, DOMESTIC
Awards will be handle by individual REGION (think 3 seperate shows in 1)
Each Region will have their own culture/lifestyle/foods within.

IMPORT : Asian Eats
DOMESTIC : Burgers & Classic Dogs
EURO : Brats & More TBD
(More info on website & instant updates on Facebook, links below)

WHAT : Mobile Madness World Expo

WHERE : Sierra Athletic Club
4774 North Blackstone Avenue, Fresno, CA

WHEN : Sunday, May 20th 2012 11am-4pm (Stage Time 8:30)

FEE : Public Admission to the event is FREE
Vehicle Registration $15 Online : MobileMadness.org

WHO: Proceeds Benefit Local Shriner's Organization

WEBSITE : MobileMadness.org

Facebook : Facebook.com/MobileMadnessExpo
NICE! we got our first PRIME member attending, thanks Hlee... lets get this going and get nice row of NSXs out there folks.:cool:
I'm attending, lets get more NSX owners to register. I know there are quite a few NSX's in Fresno. It would be great to meet other NSX owners!
Did you post this in the SoCal section? Might get a few guys to come up for it.
2010 AcuraFest was fun. You guys should do it there again!
F R E S N O!!!!

I go there yearly for the carnivals since my buddy's has family out there. Interesting town for sure...been there many times but never with the NSX :)

Uhm... yep, I think now would be a great time to bring out the NSX :tongue: