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Mosport DDT

30 August 2010
Has anybody been to Mosport DDT? I'm planning on going April 29th but just wondering how 'safe' this track is? I've been to Shannonville and find there is so much runoff there but in the Mosport DDT (not GP) videos it seems like the runoff is tiny in comparison. Thankfully I've never gone off a track but its nice knowing the walls are pretty far away!

Hoping anybody with any experience at Mosport DDT can chime in?
DDT is a super fun track. There arn't too many places you can get into trouble. I've been off as a passenger a few times and the run off grass is fairly flat.

Check out clubonetwonine.com

I think there is a post in this section
Depending on the layout of Shannonville - I find it to be hard on brakes and tires, so I prefer the Mosport DDT (it's a lot closer to).

DDT has lots of run off and some good corners to learn your lines. An excellent place to start.
Depending if you're going clockwise (and track layout), watch the crest of the hill after the first few turns. Quite hilly compared to Shannonville.

Very fun track when I did the track course with Ian Law. The straightaways aren't too long and there are enough tight corners for "driver development."
Thanks for all the input guys. To my knowledge we are running the track counter clockwise and on the inside. See below for my awesome paint skills:

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