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MotorTrend: 1991 NSX vs 1991 LS400

My LS 400 '94 helped me get my Targa! What a great car... I do miss the build quality, compared to my other sedans.
I drove my friend's LS400 back in the early 1990's. My impression was a big thumb up for the super, super smoothness unmatched by my MB at the time. Marvelous car.
I had a 1999 LS400. Great car, A 98+ is the oldest I would own though. I also had a 93 SC400 with the 1UZ-FE and 4 speed auto. The upgraded trans and engine in the 98+ is well worth it. I later owned an 03 GS430 with the 4.3L engine and that was another improvement. Anyway, Lexus had some good cars back then.
I had a 1990 ls400 years ago and boy was she smooth, never felt a bump. Great cars for sure.

I recall the first time I sat in a Cadillac was back in 1986 when my cousin honked his horn in his brand new Sedan Deville, wow i thought it was a smooth ride!
I also owned a 1992 Lexus LS400 (back in late 90's). The car felt sooooo smooth IMO gave Cadillac a run for it's money!
The only issue I had with mines was the driver's seat when reclined tilted only on one side(looking from frontal view looks twisted and so did your back.) lol
Good Article, THX.
$10K - tired runner = probably not
LS400 = Great car, bland styling

I have a 1982 Toyota 4X4 pick-up that won't die and I wouldn't sell. Would buy an older LS400 in good shape. Will probably never sell my NSX :wink:.