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Mountain drive and BBQ in warrenton/Shenandoah valley area

21 August 2011
Northern Virginia
Anyone interested in doing a drive out to Shenandoah valley area next Saturday or Sunday? Thinking we could meet up in the Gainesville area then drive to front royal down skyline drive then back up 211 to my house in warrenton for hamburgers and hot dogs. Let me know if your interested and which day works best.

I am flexible on the route and so if someone has some good roads to take we could work that out during the week but still meet in the Gainesville area to start out.

Nice meeting you today. I am familiar with few back roads. Unfortunately, will be out of town next weekend. I am sure you guys will have fun!
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I am a bachelor this weekend so I am open to either day.
Thanks for offering to host. I hope we can get a level of of participation that makes it worth the effort.
The response looks low but I am going to head out and do the drive anyway. Anyone who can make it is welcome. I see that there is an exotic car drive through Shenadoah on Sunday so if anyone want to join me PM and we can either meet up with the larger Sunday group or do our own thing.

Exotic Car Specialties presents its first annual "Rally thru the Valley" exotic car cruise. All you people with exotic cars bring them out of your garage and drive them. This will be about a 2 hour cruise thru the scenic Shenadoah valley, this will be a spirited drive with plenty of great roads to enjoy the changing leaves, and beautiful views Virginia has to offer. September 30th , 9:30 A.M. at the Starbucks on Route 7 in Winchester Viriginia (161 Gateway Drive Winchester VA,22603) There is no cost to do this, just bring you and your exotic car.Please no civics, evo, or sti's and cars of the likes. Porsche, GTR, Lotus, Lambo,Ferrari,Astons and cars of the sort are all welcome. This event is sponsored by Exotic Car Specialties (ecs) in Sterling Virginia. Please contact Rusty @ (540)481-0013 or Josh @ (703)421-5356 for any questions you may have. Hope to see you there.
As long as the weather cooperates, I am up for the drive. If we want to herd it, Sunday works - if you want to keep it more low key Saturday is fine with me too.
Do we have a game plan for this? Sounds like we have Jhouser, grybrd, combatdad and myself for either day and jmathew34 for Sunday. Seems like we should do Sunday to include jmathew34 and tag along with the supercar gang. I spoke with Bryan and I think he won't be joining us. If that changes, I am sure he can just drive that way and catch up with us despite our headstart ;)

Should we plan to meet up at Jhouser's around 8:30 on Sunday?
Waiting for the details. Sunday sounds best.
Ok. Lets do this on Sunday.
We have two options we could meet for the Rally thru the valley event in Winchester, VA then drive on the southern leg head to Warrenton for a BBQ at my place or we can do a lower key drive and head out from the Gainesville area down Skyline Drive then 211 to Warrenton for the BBQ.

Let me know which you would prefer and I will go with the majority. I will post the plan on Saturday.

So plan on Sunday around 0900-0930 either in Gainesville or in Winchester.


So basically either:


I am a little partial to the smaller outing (Gainesvill start), but fine with either.

Incidentally, tracked down the contact info for the supercar event - they have a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Exotic-Car-Specialties/108696442538075
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+1 on the smaller outing...although we should try to meet up with this group on some future outing.

I will do either but think the exotic car drive is (for me) a unique opportunity.
Ok how about we do the super car rally and then split off from them before we start heading back to Winchester. This way we get head out with the larger group then get a bit smaller after an hour or so. So if you would like to drive to Winchester together from the Gainesville area I will be at starbuck at 7375 atlas walk way gainesville 20115 around 0800 and try to leave by 0830 to make it to Winchester by 0930 otherwise you can meet us in winchester at 161 Gateway Drive Winchester VA,22603

Who plans on showing up for a BBQ at my house after? I will have burgers and dogs etc.

Bryan if you come would you bring you bleeding tool?


I'll meet up in Winchester at about 0915...and plan to make the BBQ at your place. Will contact you via CP enroute.

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I will be at starbuck at 7375 atlas walk way gainesville 20115 around 0800 and try to leave by 0830 to make it to Winchester by 0930 otherwise you can meet us in winchester at 161 Gateway Drive Winchester VA,22603
Will show up at the starbucks between 8 and 8:30 and join you.
Happy to join you for a burger after the drive as well.

Going to post on that facebook that we will be joining their group.
Look for me at Starbucks..and I'll bring my appetite for the BBQ :biggrin:
Sounds like a great day so I better get the rest of the chores done now.