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My 1/4 Mile times

13 September 2000
Encino, CA
Hi All,

This Saturday I raced my NSX-T at Pomona Raceway.

This was the last weekend that Pomona Raceway would be open for racing, so with 650+ cars being allowed to race before they finally closed the gates, I only got a couple runs in and not nearly enough time to experiment and improve my initial times.

My car is a 1997 NSX-T. Bone stock. I just purchased in a couple months ago & am very inexperienced launching it from a stop.

Ran with a tank full of 92 octane pump gas. Per advice on this board, I kept traction control off for both runs.

1st Run:
14.30 @ 104.15mph, 2.49 60-foot time.

I launched relatively aggressively, but at what I thought was a low rpm (3000rpm). No traction at all, the tires spun smoothly like I was driving through grease, and they never stopped spinning throughout 1st. I'm normally used to launching an AWD car, so I kept figuring after the initial spinning that the tires would hook up.. And they never did. The tail wagged back & forth down the track & finally I shifted to second.. From then on I had traction & completed the run..

That was my rude awakening to 2 wheel drive

For my second and final run, I decided I'd go very conservative. I brought the revs up to around 2400-2500, and this time I didn't give it full gas as I engaged the clutch, I just used partial throttle and "got going" before flooring it. What I basically told myself was to drive the car as if I was at a stop light next to a car I had to get in front of but wasn't racing. It worked.

Second run:
13.62 @ 104.27, 60 foot time 2.19

Chirped off the line but kept traction for the most part. Two people got the run on tape (one with a digital video camera) so I'll try to get a hold of the footage & put it up on a web site if anyone's interested.

I'm confident I could drive the car faster, likely to low 13's, but that was all the runs I was allowed at Pomona. Besides more experimentation with launching, I need to vary the shift points to see the impact they have on the times/MPH. I think I shifted to 2nd around 7800 (probably too high), and shifted into 3rd & 4th at around 7500rpm.

I'll probably drag race the car again sometime next year, but the other two tracks are poor compared to Pomona so the times aren't likely to be good. (Carlsbad = poorly maintained, covered in dirt, full of potholes, and LACR in Palmdale has a high elevation that usually costs you .3 off your ET).


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I think I shifted to 2nd around 7800 (probably too high), and shifted into 3rd & 4th at around 7500rpm.

7800 is about where you want to shift for maximum acceleration.