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My 1990 Crx @ annual Crx meet !

14 February 2007
Hey NSX gang !
Well we had our annual crx meet July 26th in Sherkston Ontario Canada.
Over 80+ crx's showed up. Larget crx gathering in North America.
Here's some pics of my 1990.




Looks like it's in great shape for its age. Did you know that when the CRX first came out, it beat the Lotus Esprit in the slalom? Road & Track, I think were the ones to test that.

i was waiting and wondering y u haven't posted on this forum yet pics of your car

looks like uve covered them all
Have always admired your CRX. To the point of doing some general research into buying in as a DD. Man, there are some beatup to hell CRXs out there.

You ever think of selling yours?
I've always wanted to buy a nice CRX and swap a B18C or K20 into it. But I live in the are of salt and rust so there aren't any nice examples left around here. :frown:
IMO, CRX is by far one of the nicest automotive creations right up there with the NSX. A nice example is so so hard to find.
Excellent. Now I'm missing my old '87 CRX Si. First new car I bought out of college, and I kicked its ass for 20 years (including a year in Germany driving on Autobahnen), and it never complained. I finally replaced it with my '06 RSX-S, which has a similar personality, and importantly, a back seat. With two kids it's hard to justify one two-seater in the family, no less two.
It's easier to find a clean NSX than a clean CRX. Somebody at work has a red one and it gets all my eyeball. I want one!
Can't register to the site. Says my e-mail address is banned:confused: I wonder if the fool in Rancho Cucamonga is the administrator.
Very nice CRX. I wouldn't mind having one too. Maybe a b18 w/LSD swap in it. I think it would be a lot of fun.
I really enjoy seeing pictures of your CRX. Yours looks better than 99.9% of the ones I see on the road these days. Makes me want one. :biggrin: :smile:
Where do you find parts for the CRX? Aftermarket, I mean.
I'm loving this thread! That's a beautiful CRX, I'm jealous!! I had an opportunity to buy a mint '90 Si last year with a B18C1 conversion and didn't pull the trigger. I'm still regretting that decision. :frown:

I think the CRX, Integra Type-R, and NSX are the coolest cars Honda ever made.
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what kinda parts ? performance parts or stock original OEM Honda parts ?

Perfomance parts. Exhaust, intake, suspension, etc....
it's all about the crx/civic Si...EFs!! :biggrin: