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My car turned 40

11 August 2011
Arlington, VA

Since purchasing the car with 35,000 miles in January, this fine vehicle has been nothing other than a pleasure to own. It has journeyed to Hershey, PA to help raise money for a great cause, up to Long Island to meet the in-laws (and scare the pants off them on a windy road), back and forth to crash two weddings, up to PA to ride the windy river roads with its fellow NSXs, out to the Northern neck of VA for spirited adventures on back roads and wine tastings, to various cars & coffees in the area to be admired by locals and most recently has raced up and down the Shenandoah valley with the autumn leaves swirling around its back tires.

The car is starting to feel like a companion and I am starting to learn just how it handles at the apex of a curve, but the good news is my journey with this car is only beginning!
Beautiful NSX - of course love the 2001 year :smile: Great roads in the Northern Neck, and down the Shenandoah Valley in VA. Hope to get mine up in the Harrisonburg area in the next month or so to JMU and some Virginia wineries.

Yes, Virginia is pretty tough on the front license plate thing -- I finally gave up and just put the plate on - no need for them to have any reason to pull us over - shame because the NSX looks so much better clean. But, there are worst things in life :redface: