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My Intro + NSX & MR2/CPT Events?

6 July 2014
Alright so allow me to formally introduce myself. I'm Salman an undergrad student at the University of Maryland and I drive a 1991 Toyota MR2 Non-Turbo. I joined this forum in search for another set of NSX wheels equipped with all-seasons for use in the winter - another reason was because I had to install longer front wheel studs since the spacers I am currently using do not have studs. However, turns out the eight OEM wheels & tires sitting in my basement still fit and don't rub so I am no longer in search for another set of those rims :)

My Automobile:

However, I have always been interested in the NSX. I feel that it's reputation has stood the test of time due to its timeless design and (I perceive) amazing performance. Not too far away is the MR2 which I feel is nearly the same car with the exception of size, so I actually look at both cars in the same light.

So...I have been thinking it would be nice to have the MR2 community, or our school car club College Park Tuning, host some events with the NSX community. How so? Well a couple of things...

As said before, I'm part of the UMD student organization called College Park Tuning. Some of you may know us from the annual spring car show we host for charity, last year we had over 2000 cars show up. We're a fairly active group and usually do BBQs, cruises, Auto-X and Track events together. Here is a list of events we did and can choose to do from:

1) Catoctin Mountain Cruise. 80 Miles of Twisty Backroads, Fast paced, and lots of fun behind the wheel

http://www.collegeparktuning.com/showthread.php?t=3710&page=2 (Scroll Down in link)

2) Swallow Falls Cruise. We had three guys from the MR2 community come out to this one and expect more in the future. Fun, scenic ride to Swallow Falls State Park in Oakland, MD where we were able to swim under a waterfall and even jump off of one:

http://www.collegeparktuning.com/showthread.php?t=3770&page=2 (Scroll down in link)

3) Auto-X. I'm sure everyone knows about this, but posting up a link of when we went as a group:

http://www.collegeparktuning.com/showthread.php?t=3778&page=2 (Scroll down in link)

4) Track Day. I do these $50 Hyperdrive events with NASA where they allow you to rip it on the track for 20 minutes with an instructor. I have a video of a session in the link below


5) And our official racing thread for 2014:


If that's a lot to consider, for starters we can plan a lunch meet and go for a photoshoot afterwards. Did this back in January with the MR2 community.


What do you guys think?
I say keep us informed of drives and events and hopefully some of us will join in. I'm personally included to join a drive more than something else.