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My leather has wear spots and creases

17 April 2001
My leather seats have some wear spots and creases that are worn to a greyish color. Feels like its worn down to the underlaying seat material or something. Any recommendations of fixing these? I have black seats.
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I had my black seats re-dyed by a place called Spectrum Restorations. They are located in Vancouver, Washington.

The seats look excellent and the dye is the same as used by GM. He had the seats for three days,and charged me $250.00 for both.

I highly recommend him.
Any chance that the leather creases/wear gives the car "character"? I'm not sure that every part of the car needs to look brand new. IMO, leather seats with creases/wrinkles/moderate wear look better than brand new seats.

Forget about dyes!!!

You wanna know the best way to fix the little gray / white creases that show up on the seats over time?? This is so simple and easy, you will laugh!

Take one of those wide-tipped black sharpie pens, and draw along the crease. Next, take a rag and wipe it all off the leather surface. What’s left is just ink inside the crease, totally covering up the gray, and putting it back to black!

Now, of course if you have a tan interior, this technique won’t work too well!