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"Honda and Acura Classics Simulator" idea - need some input from current NC1/Type-S owners.

23 February 2023
I have had an interest in automotive technology from a very young age, especially Honda and Acura. Given the ongoing transition to electric vehicles, I have an idea for a simulation game based on Honda's most influential, rare, and interesting vehicles. I feel the need to somehow "immortalize" great Hondas such as the Prelude, S2000, both generations of NSX, and the Integra in this simulation so they are not forgotten.

Preface: this is still HEAVILY in a concept stage, it's not even close to actually writing any code yet. However, I'm gathering some information from Honda and Acura owners, personal experience, and forums like this one to put in a mega-document of "observations from IRL to improve realism." My family currently owns a 2012 Accord and a 2019 RDX, so we're no strangers to Honda. My personal vehicle is a 2002 Prius, and I'm very familiar with hybrids.
So, some questions about the gen2 NSX. Disclaimer: this is mostly going to relate to powertrain and hybrid systems, as these are pretty advanced and I want to be sure this kind of stuff is close enough to being accurate.

If you leave the car and shut the door (with the key in your pocket) when in EV idle, does the V-6 turn on? If so, does it ever shut back off? Our RDX goes "bebebebebe!" if you do that.

How quick is QUIET mode from 0-60 if you punch it to the floor, and what does it sound like? A video of the gauges would be nice. Be safe, please.

If you do launch mode over and over, will the battery drain all the way down to zero? Is there a significant performance hit when the battery drains (similar to my Prius)? Again, this is for anyone who's done it on the track. The NSX is insane, please DO NOT ATTEMPT this on a public road.

Is there a major difference between the QUIET and SPORT modes in terms of how fast you can go/accelerate before the V-6 kicks in?

How does the hybrid system influence the NSX's handling in different modes, particularly with the torque vectoring from the twin-motor unit at the front? Does it significantly affect understeer or oversteer tendencies?
For those of you with track experience, have you really tried to push it hard in one of the more docile modes (QUIET or SPORT)?

What drive mode settings do you find yourself using most often, and why? Are there specific conditions under which you prefer one mode over the others?

Finally, if you were to play a driving simulation game featuring the NSX, what key aspects of the car's behavior would you look for to judge its accuracy?
Thank you! I look forward to hearing from NC1 owners!
- Tryyn
Lot of interesting questions. I hope you get the responses you are looking for. Next to the last question. My preference is to drive in Sport +. Why? The exhaust is through all four pipes. It is loudest. In Sport, the car goes from electric to engine assisted. The exhaust is only through two of the four pipes. The other big difference is that in Sport+ the suspension tightens up and becomes stiffer. This prevents the car’s suspension from bottoming out. So the car is quieter in Sport and also smoother. At freeway speeds in Sport the trans will go into 9th vs 6th in Sport+. When I start the car in Sport the engine is started via the rear motor. The car quickly goes into electric mode. If I get out and walk away, the car remains in electric mode until a certain point is reached and the engine will start. Unlike my Tesla Mod X, where if I get out of the car with the key and walk away, it is programmed to close all the doors and windows and lock itself up and of course shutting down the engine and all support activities like radio and air conditioning. Hope that helps.