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My NSX at my wedding.

congrats again man, i love the pics. its pretty cool what you've done to that nsx in 2 short years. the rims are great. and your wife is beautiful. you're a very lucky man.

edit: wedding at henry ford museum in an NSX..risque
Actually the photo of my wife by herself is going to be used by the photographer as an ad in an upcoming brides magazine. :biggrin:

It's interesting you mentioned it, because I was going to say
THAT photo look like it can be in a magazine.
From another artist's point of view, it's awesome:cool:
Congrats again!
Those are REALLY cool pics Blodi. I like the traditional stuff... but I like these too. I'm sure you had some of both. Anyway... the wheels look great, and she's looks good!

Your wife is pretty too. :wink:

Good job!
Wow! Your wife is stunning!

Congratulations on the wedding and it sounds like she's a keeper. Nice NSX as well and my fav pic is the one where its parked at night by the chuch...killer!

Awesome pictures! Especially this one..amazing! Congrats on your marriage.. :smile:
Great shots! As a cinematographer, NSX lover, 61 Lincoln Continental owner, and admirer of beautiful women, this post just hit all the right spots.

Congrats man, wish you the best!
congrats on the wedding!!!! BUT. I gotta bust your balls for this one...

doh!!! next time you jump a battery don't hook up at the battery...there is a place in the engine bay for that...:redface: :tongue: :smile:

don't worry, I've done it too:redface:

BTW, props on the wife that can levitate!!!:cool: :biggrin:
Congrats on the wedding. Nice pics. An NSX and a beautiful bride are a great combo. :biggrin:
Your wife is hott! You have great taste in women, congrats. I'm currently in my 4th month of marriage myself.:smile:

You're a lightweight. I'm on my 150th month. Thank God she tolerates my obsession with cars.
Used the NSX. No decorations. I had to stuff her dress down in the foot well after she got in so she could see out the windshield. The car is in just a couple pictures as I got married before pros had switched to digital (film = lots fewer pictures) and the NSX was not even on the radar of important things that day (maybe 200th place) after all the people there. Had a fun drive through the foothills to our reception and then up a canyon to Estes Park.

Ryan/blodi, nice pictures. Makes me think about having our pictures professionally taken for an anniversary or such. With two kids we'll either have to exclude them from pictures with the NSX, ignore reality and take pictures of four people with a two-seater, forget the NSX (most likely), or borrow another NSX. As a car picture I like the one of you squatting next yours because it reminds me of the picture of Senna washing his (you need a hose in your hand).
Congrats Blodi!

Both the car and the Bride look amazing. Fantastic pictures, you're a lucky guy.

Do you guys realize this was from 2008?? :biggrin:
Anyway, congrats still! And the pictures, bride, car, and yourself look amazing.
I'm getting married in May of this year. . but most likely won't be using the NSX in it though. :redface: