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My Spoon NSX

7 September 2021
The inspirational red US Acura Nsx R that spoon sports built for the US market has always been my dream car, mines still a fair way off it but here’s a quick intro on the build, welcome any comments and enjoy!



Chassis at 170,000KMS

Engine @ 110,000 KMS when installed

91 JDM NSX-R engine c30a

Spoon sports ECU

Gt one headers

GRF exhaust

Sard high flow Cats

Brand new Oem starter motor

new Oem iacv

New Oem fast idle valve

new oem fuel pressure regulator

new oem fuel pump and filter

Oem injector cleaned and flow checked and new o rings.

New oem water pump and all new oem


New oem tensioner

New oem drivebelts

New oem clutch master and slave cylinder

Toda racing timing belt

New valve cover gaskets and spark plug seals

New ngk plugs

New oem engine mounts

New oem cv boots and grease

New driveshaft seals

NSX-R radiator air dam

Cusco LSD

Cusco heavy duty clutch

Suspension, brakes, wheels

Quantum t3-cr 2 way external reservoir coilovers

Na2 OEM ABS upgrade

New oem front cross members left and right new oem bushings

Endless brake lines

Spoon monoblock calipers w spoon pads

NSX-R rear brake calipers

Endless type r rear pads

Rays engineering Bridgestone Prodrive GC-101g 17x7.5j +44 and 17x9.5j +44 NSX spec w new Bridgestone re71rs

NSX-R braces / undertray


Genuine spoon front bumper (02 oem style front bar provided)

Genuine spoon rear bumper

Genuine Route KS roof air scoop duct and window (oem rear hatch provided)

Genuine Route KS NSX-R style bonnet

Genuine spoon GT side air vents

Genuine NSX-R headlights and badge

Genuine NSX-R rear taillights and garnish

FRP Mesh engine cover


Genuine Spoon steering wheel

Recaro jersey red pole position race seats

Low seat rails

91 Nsx-r shifter and knob

280km speedo

NSX-R yellow dials

Carbon dash facia

Alcantara roof and pillars and door cards

well done..Chevy chase would be proud ;)
What are some things left to do?
I’m looking for a 6 speed gearbox w R ratios and a mugen LSD, engine wise yet to do toda ITBs with spec C cams and valve springs, new injectors, convert to DBW and a standalone ECU with a proper tune. Suspension I want to get some new shocks maybe the KW v3 with nose lift if possible and refresh a couple of suspension arms…still a fair way off hahaha
I'm obsessed! Your build is absolutely breathtaking. You've officially convinced me that I need to build a spoon NSX. Would you be kind enough to direct me where I can buy all of the exterior parts? I found the front and rear bumpers on spoonusa.com but I don't see the roof air scoop. I need that at the very least.
The guys at @MITA Motorsports can probably help you here.
Thanks, but @DLockwood just sold me a Genuine Route KS roof air scoop duct and window. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to own something I couldn't buy new from the company that produced it. All thanks the owner of this car sharing his creation with us. How lucky am I that he happened to have a another set of these parts?