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My Turducken

Let us know how it comes out. How are you going to cook it?

Nate in DC
Let us know how your's turns out.

On the occasion I had it, I was rather underwhelmed. But it may have been a case of it being oversold to me by a relative.
I forgot. What time is dinner?
I'm flying back home on Sunday. Maybe I should stop by...

When I went to see my dad in Germany last year (first time in 9 years), he did a big ol' roast for everyone. His stuffing order was rather interesting... Chicken > Duck > Goose > Pig!

On another note, I watched the first or second episode of Frank TV last season and now every time I hear the word Turducken I think John Madden... :)

edit: Useless info but.... I visited the link above and they claim that Turducken was invented in LA back in 1985. Maybe just the term "Turducken", but according to the history books, the romans were well known for stuffing animals into each other.
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We cook this puppy up yet or what? Looks unreal! :biggrin:
Don't forget to post your opinion after it has been consumed. I've always wanted to try turducken after I saw it on Andrew Zimmern.
You are like a kid anxiously waiting on Santa by the window... except you're not a kid... and it's FedEx... with a Turducken!! tsk tsk tsk...

lol, Steve that's too funny. Post how it is, Also I thought I was the only one who stalked the Fed-x guys. Guess I need something to do but the market has been slow :)
Cool! My first experience with Turducken was about 2 years ago at my aunt's during thanksgiving. Can't give tips as I was just the eater and not the cook. She gave it the usual Asian / Filipino spin with random spices and stuff along with egg rolls and noodles as the side dishes. Looks like you got some good stuff there.

mmmm getting hungry...:biggrin: