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NASA -AZ chuckwalla // who is going?

Occasionally John...Hasn't done one though in 2 years.
Maybe its time to start bugging him about putting one together.
Ok folks. Where should we aim to set up in the paddock? Coz, since you haven't been there in a year I'll give you a update...

New bathroom/shower building is on the immediate left as you enter the paddock. Permanent tent, portable classroom, and portable food setup is in the center of the paddock.

I propose a middl-ish location split between the bathroom building/tent & hot pit/desert. I.e., the side of the paddock closest to entry.


What time are you thinking of arriving on Fri?
I, you, Patty, Eric & brother (if you want to), and any guest that show up are paddocking with Ravi, Aaron, Noz, Paul, Jeff, Stephen and creating our own community center since most of us are camping out. Most of whom you know :)

We will have plenty of Tents, BBQ, Ice Chests, Chairs, Tables, Tools, Air, Jacks/Stands, etc, etc :)
Whoever gets there first will block off enough paddock space for all of us.

I heard the showers were done, thank god, now you can take a shower before you get in my car, LOL.

There's 2 groups leaving from here between 6 and 7am our time caravaning.
That puts all of us there by 10 latest with the time change.
Leaves a more than enough time to get some relaxed casual practice in.

I will pass on the info paddock area wise. I'm sure everyone will agree.
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Are you bringing the RV ?
Want to be sure to make sure we save enough room for it in the paddock area we'll have set up..
My drive there this morning


Some pics of the cars in our group










Coz getting ready for his race
Coz at the straight way

Coz pulling in, i love the way his car sounds
Great pics and video. Another simply excellent weekend with the folks from NASA-AZ. Saw plenty of old friends and made some new ones. Had ups and downs...Patty has a fouled plug in Cylinder 1 on the S2000 and my NSX is still un-trackable. Those were the downs...

The ups...NASA-AZ allowed DE-3 folks to come to 'Test and Tune' on Friday, so Patty got tons of track time. Even I got a bit. Coz was gracious enough (or crazy, you pick) to allow me to drive his car for two sessions. I'll start with the embarrassment...I stalled the 600HP girl more times that I want to remember getting out of the paddock - damn racing clutch. :eek: Once I was on track though...wow! his car is simply amazing, I only drove it at ~7/10ths since, 1) it's his car, 2) I've never driven a 600hp anything before & 3) Coz was in the throws of competition for the season championship in TA-C, and I sure as hell wasn't going to be the one that ruined it for him. Driving his car was awesome. It was really easy since he's helped me set up my suspension along similar lines, so I felt I was driving my car, just with more downforce and twice the HP. That even with a vacuum leak in the turbo...we tracked that down and fixed it on Saturday, so Coz was all set for Sunday.

It was great seeing Coz, integrals, g3driver, his brother, his dad, and of course junior40er who came to visit us on Sunday. Three tracked NSX's. I was very jealous not to be able to join them in mine.

In the end, integrals tore up the track in the Time Attack, Coz had brake issues (warped rotors??) that gave him a bit of panic, but I'm happy to announce that Coz has won the NASA-AZ TA-C class for the 2012 season!!!:biggrin:

My car goes in tomorrow for the beginning of her needed work. I hope to be back on track in Jan with NASA-AZ when they return to Chuckwalla.
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Great footage Adrian...Thanks for getting it.
Thanks also for making the drive out and spending the time with us, it was great to see you.

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Taking our Chief Classroom Instructor out for a casual ride along playing with the DE4 group
Some footage of Eric, Red BSX (G3driver) and his brother Dan in the Silver S2000 starting at 9:08.
We started last in the group session and it took a couple of laps top catch up to them :)

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lJIE-UGxHoU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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I had a GREAT time this event. Was fun to have the low HP NSX and try to keep up (and successfully) with the TTS/U/R cars all day.
Best lap ended up being the Time Attack lap at 2:03.5 and I managed a 2:03.7 in TTA which might be enough to get a third place trophy for the YEAR in TTA. More proof that the NSX is VERY competitive in TTA. With TTA going away next year, i'll be revamping for TT3 in 2014 so expect some changes throughout the year. I'll be out at the events to instruct and help Coz and friends!

My TA-B finish netted me 2nd place overall for the year in the UMS Time Attack.

My car treated me well again this event, and performed flawlessly. Chris at SOS had kind words about the cars setup when on track with me.

It was awesome to get out there with Jim, Eric, Dan and Patti, and of course the rest of the Shift Fast crew as always.

Jim.. post up sideways action? lol
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Ravi, It was AWESOME seeing you and how well you killed it with an NA. You are the benchmark for "smooth = fast". You've set the time I need to run before I even consider going TT. You mentioned you won't be running next season, why not? Glad to hear you'll still be out at events though. Hope to see ya when we come out to Firebird. Congrats on the 2nd place finish in UMS TA and the 3rd place in TTA, awesome showing for our NSX's for the 2012 season!
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With the change in class to TT3, my car simply will not fit in as it sits and I will need a few improvements in the Aero and Tire department to keep up with the other TT3 competitors. I may be the underdog, but I don't like going out unprepared. My car is currently only 1 point into TTA / Big Bore. So its already been an uphill battle vs the other Big Bore cars.

And of course there comes the budget issue. I am young, don't make a ton of cash, so funding a race year on a budget is just a bad idea to begin with so I figured this year i'll get the car ready to COMPETE in TT3, not just appear.

N/A has been my passion for the last 3 years (coming from several 400+ hp turbo cars) and its been a steep learning curve requiring HUGE balls knowing you HAVE to be faster in all the corners and the straights are just a losing proposition. Especially big tracks like Chuck that have TONS of big straights for the high HP guys to run away from me.

I need a sponsor lol!
Working on then editing now and will put up the link for it once it's finishing uploading.

I learned a lot as well this year.
I will end up in 5th place in TTU with the points I had, having been bumped to TTR for the last 3 events.

I too am going in a different direction for 2013. Had enough chasing the boys with fat wallets, full out caged race cars and Hoosiers.
Not going that way with my NSX, it's still a street car and just not worth the risk of losing it being on the edge all the time trying to keep up with U and R.
I'm detuning. I'm dropping down to TT2 for 2013, which was TTS in 2012, and making several changes that focus on grip, corner and exit speed.
Don't need 601 rwhp for that, makes it even harder to drive fast unless your Billy Johnson :)
Turned down my boost 4 lbs this weekend and ran the fastest lap I did all weekend and it sure was a lot easier to drive.

It was an awesome weekend. Fast cars, friends and family, who could ask for more.
We represented the NSX's well this year :)

These are the final UMS Time Attack Series points for 2012 for Ravi and I in our classes..

Robert Smithson :: 1300pts
Ravi Tomerlin :: 1220pts
Jon Via :: 950pts
David Stark :: 825pts
Justin Markiewicz :: 765pts
Fady Salama :: 640pts
Carson Clark :: 614pts
Anthony Szirka :: 519pts
Chris Wilson :: 455pts
Markos Mylonas :: 365pts
Dan Haski :: 282pts
Chris Plumlee :: 227pts
Pablo Soria :: 209pts
Richard Wasson :: 202pts
Jeffery Jones :: 155pts
Dan Kellett :: 133pts
Jesse Robles :: 100pts
Stephen Busler :: 69pts

Jim Cozzolino :: 1110pts
Russell Whelan :: 1095pts
Gabriel Ortega :: 682pts
Taylor Wilson :: 540pts
Timothy Schoeppner :: 400pts
Chris Doyle :: 393pts
Souly Keonavong :: 325pts
Travis Barnes :: 314pts
Justin Bowie :: 265pts
Richard Wasson :: 202pts
Adrian Little :: 170pts
John Garrison :: 70pts
Albert Borboa :: 70pts
David Baum :: 69pts
Vitaly Pinkhasov :: 69pts
David Hume :: 68pts
Eric Rakitz :: 67pts

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You bet Nick, you did fine !
A big thank you for your help, the support was incredible.
Thanks brother.
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Are the lap times posted for ttb and ttc yet? Just wondering how fast people where.

It was great to meet all of you and we really had a great time. Best NASA event I have ever had. I am working to post my video up soon.
So If I made it out to this event would I have been able to drive? If so will there be more in the future? I figured there was all sorts of NASA certs to be had to get to get on track. I have been dying to take my NSX out to Chuckwalla- the LOOONG drive has had me opting to take the RSX 'daily driver' out there the last two times. 2:03 is awesome! thats what ive been hoping ill run when I finally take out my NSX.
Not yet on NASA-AZ TT, usually takes 3 or 4 days to tabulate and post.
This being the last event, it may take a day or two longer.
Usually Mylaps will be the first to get posted which has all the times listed by times and not classes.
Nikki is pretty quick getting them up.

- - - Updated - - -

You will first have to go through DE1 classroom and have an instructor with you for at least a couple of DE1 sessions. After that it's up to the instructor if you can move to DE2, DE3, etc.
I have had students move from DE1 to DE3 in a weekend and some that stay in DE1 most of weekend.
Just depends on you.
We have another CW event January 26-27. I will probably be there again.

So If I made it out to this event would I have been able to drive? If so will there be more in the future? I figured there was all sorts of NASA certs to be had to get to get on track. I have been dying to take my NSX out to Chuckwalla- the LOOONG drive has had me opting to take the RSX 'daily driver' out there the last two times. 2:03 is awesome! thats what ive been hoping ill run when I finally take out my NSX.
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We have another CW event January 26-27. I will probably be there again.

Jim, wrong date here. 1/26-27 is FIR West. Next NASA-AZ @CW is 1/12-13.

Will, you will have to go through the process as Jim describes, but my guess with what I know about your driving is that you will be DE3 sometime during the first event and probably moved to DE4 by your second. It would be great to have you out with us.
Thanks Nick for the correction. I had CW and FB West mixed up.

Sounds like Will will do great !
Hope to see him out there with us.
Im going to plan on making it out to the Jan events looks like you all had a blast and id like to check it out for myself next time. ill keep my eyes on the forum for a reminder- now all I gotta do is get my car back together