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Nasty clicking/fluttering noise from engine

1 May 2005
Hi everyone,

First of all great site. Thanks.

I've got a 1998 NSX 3.2 with about 85k miles. Completely standard UK car with FSH.

I was driving it hard this afternoon (hit the rev limiter a few times in succession) and when I slowed down at a junction the car started to make a very loud clicking/rattling/fluttering noise from the engine. I drove cautiously for about 10 more minutes and the noise became quieter and has now disappeared.

There doesn't seem to be any drop in performance and oil/temp etc are ok. I haven't driven it too hard again though.

Any ideas anyone please as to what this noise could have been? It sounded quite nasty at first...


The first thing that comes to my mind is the ABS brake system. If it is the ABS, don't worry, your car is fine. However, the ABS hardware is located at the front of the car, not the rear. Did you brake really hard during these runs?
The noise definitely came from the engine - more specifically it seemed to come from under the cam covers - ie from within the engine itself!

In hindsight I think I drove it too hard before it had warmed-up properly. I've just been out again and given it some welly and it seems fine. Bizarre.

I'm still worried though so if anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate your help.