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need dash specs for LCD mounting

2 May 2001
Atlanta, GA
Please, anyone, can you tell me what kind of room I will have if I take out the factory radio? Does anyone have a diagram or spec sheet on the dimintions of the radio? Is it a standard DIM size? Also, I would like to get a new dash (exactly like the factory) to cut up so that I still have my original preserved. Does anyone know where I can get one of these cheap?

I am going to replace the factory radio with an LCD for my mp3/dvd computer I will be building for my NSX (see MELF on my homepage).

Mike www.fuzzymonkey.org

Hate to do this to ya man, but there's already a seemingly well established company doing this already... maybe you can integrate your display to do better things? I know the empeg runs linux, you can log into it -thats particularly geeky for me because i'm a unix admin and being able to log INTO your car stereo system is something i've always wanted to do!

The display is somewhat limited as it is more or less of a dot-matrix screen with only 3 shades per pixel, bright, not-so-bright, and off.

Hope this helps in your project!!