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Need help on Buying NSX- URGENT!

17 April 2001
Hello everyone,

I found this NSX for sale in Mesa, AZ and I ran a carfax report on it and it says everything is good! THe one thing that worries me, though, is that the first recorded odometer recorded was in 1998 with a mileage of 40600. The NSX is a 1991. Is this something that should worry about? Please give me some help!
I am far from a car fax expert, but it should show a report when the car was first registered. But, since this is a '91 the data might not go that far back. The 1998 listing might be the most recent change of ownership?
I have checked other CarFax reports on other NSX's and some of them date back to about the time of purchase (like 1991-1993) and some of them dont record until like 1995-1998. Im just worried that since the first recorded odometer record was in 1998 at 40600, Im afraid that before that time, alot of stuff could have happened to the car. But the fact that the carfax record came out good, I really dont know what to think. Anyone else with help, please reply! Thanks!
I thought the registration shows the mileage each year its renewed on the CarFax report???
So its should show at least one entry a year?? Right??
Good Luck
Another way to check out the mileage is to have an Acura service department run the vin. If the car has been routinely serviced they always enter in the mileage into the system.
Originally posted by Redeye:
.. the first recorded odometer recorded was in 1998 with a mileage of 40600. The NSX is a 1991.

Smells funny. Did you check the totaled list in FAQ? Who's the seller?

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Oops, missed Dr. Lane's posting. I agree with him. If the owner took the NSX to the dealership for services, they should have records of it on file. I would be wary if the car has no history or little history.

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This car is being sold at a dealer, called Brown & Brown Chevrolet. (Weird that a Chevy Dealer is selling an NSX). Anyways, the carfax reports no problems, but there doesnt seem to be any records for this car until 1998, with a title or lien isseud at about 40600 miles, and this is what is making me worry. I tried calling up Acura to run a check on it, and it was bought at an Acura dealer called Silver Star Acura in 1991. But the funny thing is, shouldnt this purchase be recordedin Carfax? Its recorded with Acura... The car is selling for a real low price, another thing thats fishy, especially for a mileage of 50000, but the price does follow up according to Edmunds Buyer Guide pricing. I can afford this car right now, but I just dont want to make a big mistake over this. Its really fustrating, especially since at least a carfax report sez theres nothing wrong. Please help!
Originally posted by Redeye:
T ...selling for a real low price... I can afford this car right now, but I just dont want to make a big mistake ..

Okay so if it's selling for a real low price that should tell you something is up. A 91 with only, and I mean only 50k miles in clean condition should bring in the low $30s retail. Even it someone had to dump it they should have been able to get $28k I would think. So if it's lower than that I'd be careful and have it inspected by a certified NSX tech before doing anything.

Also have you gone through the check list in the FAQ? http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/BuySell/used_nsx_checklist.htm

Go for a test drive get the car in 2nd at about 25mph then stomp on the gas. Is the clutch slipping? How much throw is there on the pedal? Any strange noises? Can you tell if the car has been painted? Look under it and see if there's any major scraps. Any oil dripping? Check the tow hook to see if it's been used. During the test drive on a flat road stomp on the brakes. Does it pull? Does the ABS kick in? Do you feel the rotors?

Have some one stomp on the gas while you're behind it. Blue smoke?

There's so many things to check out besides what carfax tells you it's hard for us to help much. What carfax is telling me is that this car went dark for some reason. Why?

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There are a lot of NSXers out in AZ. Anyone willing to go help him check it out?

I wouldn't mind, but it's a bit far from CA.
Why not take it Mark Basch when he get's back from NSXPO and have him give you the low down. If you're that serious the car it's would be worth paying him $100+ to look at it. If you're worried about it being sold before he gets back then I think it's going to be tough to find someone. How about Matt or Chris Wilson? They're in the Phoenix area.
I thought Mark was here in San Diego now. Or his he back and forth at both locations? He would be a great choice to take a look at it, worth the money for sure. Someone else posted a while ago about him looking at a car for them and luckily diagnosing it as a stinker.
I appreciate all your help guys. And yes, Im sorry I didnt mention it in the previous reply, but its not on the totalled list. Keep bringing in the ideas. I appreciate it.


Ya having someone go see it for me sounds good. COurse I want to know enough to make sure its a good buy. (The price of the NSX is 25000)

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Originally posted by ilya:
I thought Mark was here in San Diego now.

Maybe I'm confused...
...not the first time. I thought Mark Basch was in Phoenix and Mark Johnson was in SD.
Okay, I just got word from the dealership that the NSX has its front bumber scuffed from a minor collision and just needs a new bumper, and it also needs 2 new speakers for the stereo system. Im sure the minor collion will bring the car value down, but does the price still reflect upon a possible odometer fraud since there were no recordings of it between 1991-1998?
Carfax is not always a reliable source. I wouldn't say this NSX was clean JUST based on that. If they're selling that NSX at $25k, they must have taken it in at ~$21k, which means either the previous owner got ripped really badly or there's something wrong and the previous owner knew about it and dumped it. In any case, definitely have someone checked it out. There will always be another NSX that comes along...
beware,just bought '92 in july-$2500 for service,timming belt,water pump.check to see if this was done,acura that inspected car underquoted amount!one month later a/c quit blowing cold-evaporater-$2400!luckily snap ring failure on previous owner-$5900!i would make sure snap ring has been adressed and has the dealer check a/c with a sniffer to detect freon!
Originally posted by hejo:
Maybe I'm confused...
...not the first time. I thought Mark Basch was in Phoenix and Mark Johnson was in SD.

While I could be wrong, Mark Basch is splitting time between SD and Phoenix. Mark Johnson is in SD.
Here is the VIN number for this car. If anyone has time, please check it out. Course, I may be too late now, because I went back to the dealers website, and he isnt posting it on his inventory anymore.

If the car is still available (and you haven't already done so), just call the previous owner (but not while at the dealership). A good dealer should provide the contact info if you request it.

When talking to the previous owner, be sure to reassure him that if he did not disclose important history info with the dealer, you are only trying to look out for yourself - not trying start trouble between him and the dealer.