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Mothra - JDM K20 Turbo/Quaife Dogbox build - Help please

18 April 2024
Hello everyone. I am in the closing stages of getting this thing running.

Below is the build list.
1991 JDM NSX 66k kilometers
K20A2 with CSS block guard
OEM MLS headgasket
JE 10.2-1 Pistons
Eagle H-Beam rods
L19 HeadstudsSupertec springs and retainers
Quaife dogbox transmission with quaife diff
Drivshaftshop 1000hp+ axles
Competition Clutch twin disc
Precision Gen2 6466 Turbo
Skunk2 Ultra intake manifold
Hondata Kpro ECU
Rywire wiring harness
Grams 2200cc injectors
Skunk2 fuel rail
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
2x AEM 430lph in tank full pumps on a Fullblown motorsports billet 2 pump hangar
Momo coursa steering wheel
Regamaster wheels
Go-Autoworks custom turbo manifold
Turbosmart 60mm wastegate
3 port MAC boost controller
Strain gauge and knob for Quiafe sequentail shifter
Recaro type r seats from JDM RSX type r
Unknown brand JDM coilovers

I need a little help with some of the wiring. I have some flying leads for a few things as well as 2 plugs I cannot located what they are for or where they plug-in. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Flying leads I need help wiring them into the cluster/chassis
1. 12v power for alternator
2. Tachometer out to cluster
3. Speed sensor out to cluster
4. Charge warning lamp out to cluster
5. Water temp out to cluster
6. Fan switch control from ECU
7. Oil dummy lamp out to cluster

Below are a picture of the 2 plugs I cannot determine (Rywire could only tell me they are "near the shock tower"). The second pic is "near the rear shock tower" and the only thing I could find that was even close to matching up.
Did the place who manufactured the wire harness tell you what those two plugs are for? Surely there is a wiring diagram that shipped with the harness.

The OEM leads you grabbed in the second picture go into the engine bay fuse box.
No diagram. They said it was on me to figure the chassis wiring out.

Those OEM leads in the second picture do not go into the fuse box. They are tied into the same loom but the fuse box is wired by itself with no plugs.