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Need OEM muffler 95-96

16 April 2003
Anyone have a 95-96 OEM muffler they want to get rid of in So. Cali area? Need it kinda quick. Thanks.
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I have a muffler in excellet condition from a 1993 model.....if this will
help you out. I don't have all or the detachable connection pipes, just
the muffler.

I have a late model exhaust. I believe it is for a 95+ but I am not sure exactly how to tell other than the tips. Here are some pics and I actually should have a box anyday now because I just had a supertrapp exhaust shipped to me. There was a small dent in one of the tips but I worked on it a bit and once on the car I don't think you could ever tell. I was thinking $100 plus shipping which shouldn't be bad because you are on the west coast and I should already have a box. Exhaust is in Seattle. Let me know. Mike


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