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Need opinion on mesh grill

19 July 2000
Mt. Prospect, IL
What do you guys think of this grill? Does it look 'ricey' or 'cool'? The pic below was photoshopped to add the grill to the side openings. The grill in the middle is real.


There are more pics at http://home.netcom.com/~biophase/nsx/mesh.htm
My idea is to cut the center piece on the nose and add an intercooler metal thingy that is not functional. I know, it's not supercharged nor turbo charged but heck, I just love the look of it
NSEX laughed at the idea, someone support me here
(btw, NSEX added black mesh on the center and side panel which isn't too visible unless you really pay attention to it)
I think black aluminum mesh would look good as the silver color mesh does look kind of ricey. However, cutting the center piece is ricey too
I don't like too show off the mesh.
One thing to keep in mind, those mods block the air to your radiators. The last time I was at Thunderhill, my car almost overheated as I see the temperature gauge creeping up (I have Dali racing radiator shield). Promptly I took off the radiator shield and have no problem ever since.

I don't think you have to worry about that if u don't track your car.
Re: the mesh picture - I agree it'd look better if it were black (and thus less obvious). How did you attach it to the back of the nose?

Re: faux intercooler - you have to be kidding.

Re: overheating - I know lots of people who run very hard at the track with the Dali shield installed and have no problem even when it's hot out. Check to make sure you don't have a little air in your system or something.
The grill was just friction fitted. Pushed into place. There is 3/8" vinyl tubing frame around the other edge of the mesh. Consensus seems to be so paint the mesh and set it back a little. I can't see the mesh blocking up the airflow too much.
Definitely painted it black. The whole grille is screaming "Home Brewed"!Should be subtle like OEM. Check out some pics of the grills on S-Zero.
The final version would definitely be done with better mesh and better construction. I wouldn't put it on and drive around unless it looked 'professional'. This 'prototype' was put together in 15 minutes just to see what it would look like... Which is why I asked for opinions.
What kind of tubing was it that you used? Please let me know the specific factory screw locations once you finalize the fit & finish. Looks great. BTW, nice pair of silver NSX's don't tell me you're hoarding both of these limited beauties yourself?! Let me know if you ever want to sell one of them.
Do you really want to be lumped together in the same group as the Eclipse GS/Prelude/Integra LS driving kids who have silver mesh and whited out lights everywhere?
I'm Japanese, but man those cars absolutely embarass the heck out of me.
Ricey is an understatement. Stick with the bodykits and whatnot..leave the mesh out of the car!!
The tubing was just 3/8" from Home Depot, or course, I'd find something better than that. I think you can get black rubber tubing that's easier to use. The other NSX ismy roommate's. We in Chicago seem to be hoarding Silver NSXes. I know 3 other people with them and have seen 3 more in the area.
The sad thing these negative opinions about the mesh grill, is that it's one cosmetic mod that is actually functional. Most cosmetic mods are for show only.

Don't get me wrong, I understand all the opinions. I just wanted to point out that my reason for putting it in isn't to just make the NSX look better/worse, but also to serve a function.

I definitely want to put a grill in there because I find alot of crap in the fins everytime I clean them out. With the NSX you got huge openings for rocks to come flying in at 100mph. I wonder why more cars don't come with them.
IMHO it looks pretty ugly....kinda kills the clean look of the NSX. It looks better in black cause you don't really see it...so why bother even putting it on. Though you might find buddies with accords, civic, and geos think that you are part of their rice group

btw...how i wish i had a silver nsx....
Functional against rocks/bugs: absolutely YES!

Functional asthetics: absolutely NO!

I was initially attracted to the NSX's appearance because of the pure, smooth, deep, agressive, and hungry-looking mouth(s) in its face. It just looks so fine completely stock!

IMO leave the chicken wire at Colonel Sander's.
If you are going to do an infomercial on how to grate a 50 lb. slab of cheese with the front of your car ,then do it. Save your mesh project on a Honda Civic.