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Need your Opinon

14 September 2000
folsom CA
Ok .. I found an NSX I am making a deal with right now and I have one problem..

The transmission is in Snap Ring Failure Range. Now it is a '92 with close to 47K Miles on it.. what is the chance that it will fail? it is number #4622 which is in the range. Do U think Acura will either pay for the parts to get it replaced or pay for the labor?

Also anyone can check to see if this VIN is Clean..


I wouldn't purchase it unless it is in a hard to find color that you love or you are getting a crazy deal. Why even take the chance when there are other NSX avilable out there?

Check out how much it cost for a rebuilt tranny with all the good stuff in it from daliracing, i believe there was a $700 upcharge for a snap ring range core...and figure installtion at $700 from dealer and try to work down the price

good luck!

btw my 93 nsx is forsale

You really need to look at the car as a complete package. Is the trans the only questionable item? Is the car in excellent condition, for the milage, and it is just the trans in question? The bottom line is the repair of the trans, IF THE SNAP RING HAS NOT BROKEN, will be about $1500-$2000 It will require a new case and the associated parts.

For negotiating purposes, use $2000 and get that off the price. If the owner will not consider this, then move on. ASSUME you will NOT get any goodwill on the repair in the negotiation, but fight for it later!

If the car is really nice, you can just have the work done and you will have a solid reliable car.

This is exactly what I did when I bought my 1991 with a trans in the range. Although I still have the $2000 since my car has 24K on it and my snapring is fine.

I also have developed a tool to measure the case, to try to diagnose if a case is really bad or not. You can private me if you would like to talk about that.