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New Acura front emblem?

17 September 2000
San Diego, CA
I see that Dali has the Honda logos for the front, but my front emblem took a rock to the face and now has a crack in the middle of it

Looking for the Acura replacement -

Any links for picking one one of these up? Or just take it to Acura and have them do it?

Thanks -
they sell a lot of replacement emblems for acura. you'll find a lot of integras changing their emblems to a differnet color. I think it'll run around $25 or so, but nothing too expensive. if you want me to buy one here and ship it to you, I can do that, or if you want to bid on it on ebay, order it from options auto salon, and many other sport compact websites/stores, that will work just as well.

good luck


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