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[1st Gen] NEW Embroidered NSX Floor Mats and Trunk Mat from WWW.NSXCarpet.Com

6 May 2006
Las Vegas
After more than 10 years without being able to use the NSX Logo I was finally given the green light to use it again. Below are some examples of the new floor mats and the trunk mat with the NSX embroidered logo attached.

PLEASE, if you have any questions or comments about the new products ask away!!

They can be seen and purchased at the following location:

Trunk Mat:


NSX NEW Embroidered Trunk Mat.jpg

Floor Mats:


Been waiting for this to happen, do you have a picture of the gray trunk mat? I'd like to get one.
Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to do gray with logo but without zebra pattern and outer edge in gray or black? Basically to be as close to OEM as possible.
Great, I don't mind black base logo on the otherwise gray mat. I think it will look alright. It may be useful to photoshop basic color combos for people to choose from, I'll try that for gray mat. Thanks.

Are all black with logo trunk mats available for purchase right now? Assume this is not a group buy of any kind, correct?
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I would be very interested if you can do a Zanardi clone trunk mat with the red logo and red edging.

I can do a GB! Apply discount code NEWLOGO2021 for a discount!

In regards to white piping, yes we can do a white piping and edging. No problem!

Need floormats for NA1 1993 RHD. Please let me know if you have the template to make RHD floormats.

I do not have the pattern or template. Can you PM me if you have a set of mats we can get a pattern from?

I do NOT have any floormats right now, that's why I'm searching.