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New guy introduction

3 March 2002
Oceanside, CA, USA
Hello, I want to introduce myself. My name is Eric, and I hope to purchase an NSX soon. I own a 93 MR2 Turbo which I love, but I am not in need of something faster. I plan on keeping my Mr2 as a daily driver. After I bought my Mr2 new from the dealer, I relized a made a couple of mistakes.....I should have found a non T-top (almost as rare is NSX Coupe), I did not want power steering, and I'd like to lower and stiffen the suspension. So of course I need not make that mistake again and go for a Z-NSX

I have a couple questions about the Zanardi. The Mr2 had a manual steering option (also very rare) but unfortunatly the manual rack and pinion was geared slower than the power unit, which of course is undesirable for high performance driving. How does the gear ratio of the Z-NSX steering compare to the power assist? I think I read the NSX steering is veriable ratio (not to be confused with variable assist). Can someone explain how that works....Is the steering slower in the cernter and faster towards full lock?

I love the fact this car is lowered and stiffened, yet it is a factory tuned suspension. One could not ask for any better combination, I love cars with ultra stiff rides and instant steering response.

What about resale, I first would have thought the limited edition would hold its value really well, but I've found a couple Z models that have not sold for months and their price keeps droping........

Is there any other usefull information I shold consider before I make a purchase? And I'm interested in people's first hand comparisons between the 2nd gen MR2 Turbo vs. 97+ NSX vs. Z-NSX. Thank you very much, I look forward to making this website one of my new homes.

-Eric C.
[email protected]
Welcome Eric,

I also had an '93 MR2 Turbo (with T-Tops) that I loved. I lowered it, with Eibach springs, and put 16"/17" wheels on it. It firmed up the ride quite a bit without making it "harsh". I then test drove a '92 NSX. It did everything I liked about the MR2 - only better. I have since sold the MR2 (to by brother) and purchased a '91 NSX. The car is great (I can only imagine what a '97+ car handles like
). Good luck in your search.

'91 Black/Black

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I wouldn't be too worried about resale on the Zanardi, they seem to hold their value pretty well (Just like most of the NSX's). With the economy right now the prices of all of the newer NSX's have dropped, I don't know if when the economy returns the prices will rebound to what they were at previously, but buying one now you should do very well when it comes time to sell.

Buy low, sell high!