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New home for my NSX

Yes, I did purchase the lift through John (Anytime), as mentioned in my first post. It was an excellent transaction. John and Jeff, from Bend-Pak, were great to work with. Definately contact John if you are in the market for any of these products.

John, thanks again.
Wow...i love the lift setup.

Anytime (John). Any group buy price for PRIME members? :). How much is shipping? I live about 5 hours to Southern CA...
:eek: Thats not even a garage, more like a supper size bedroom!! Your NSX is spoilt. I think she'll sleep very well at night. I have always dreamed of a setup like that.
You are killing me! I worked over 3 months on my garage this winter and have spent a month wasting time trying to get my pics and writeups together and was about to post and you beat me to it! :)

Seriously - very nice job and I will wait a few days so as not to steal your thunder.
Great Job!!! .....I am jealous....... :biggrin:
The lift was purchased from me, although John may have forgotten :biggrin: The lift is left under the car yes, and is almost unoticable, until you use it. I am a distributor for the complete line of BendPak / Ranger products, if anyone has any needs for shop equipment.
Take care,
John :smile:

Price of that lift? I noticed the website says it weighs over 1000lbs! :eek:
If thats my garage Im placing the nicest leather sectional and HD big screen in there and every night is spent tinkering and watching SportsCenter.Sweet congratulations.Nice snow blower. I think it snowed here 25 years ago he he!!
I quickly scanned the thread so forgive me if I missed it, but where did you get the Acura logo and letters for "Acura NSX"? Did you make them youself or get them from someplace official? I was thinking this could be done with some nice wood and routering down the edges nice and then painting and clearcoating. But if real letters are available someplace that might look nicer.

I paid a little over $1500 for the lift, but it had to be shipped to NH. PM Anytime to get a quote.


HDTV like this:


I made the Acura NSX sign with wood, as you had mentioned. I used a scroll saw to cut them out. They are painted with original colors of the 91 NSX (silver, black, red). I used picture hangers to hold them on the wall. Just another winter project.