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New Mexico NSX Roadrunners!

4 October 2004
Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM
In case you didn't get my e-mailing...

We've been invited to participate in the Rocky Mountain Exotics event on Sat, May 19. It features a drive on the east side of the Sandias and a lunch in Cedar Crest. Gathering time is at 10:00am at Central and Tramway. Contact me if you plan to attend as I need to RSVP for all of us.

Finally summer is here. Time to stretch some VTech. Should be a fun drive. I hope we have a good turn out.
I'll be there for sure. Four so far? NSX's I mean...

Hey guys! Long time. How is everyone doing!?

What's this fall drive I'm reading about?
The past two years I did a fall tour for the s2k crew where we went south to Silver City and took advantage of the crisp air, winding roads, and colorful leaves in the Gila National Forest. This year I'm hoping to do it again but I'm not sure if a over night trip can happen with my schedule.
Hi. I just joined the forum. I have an NSX in storage in Santa Fethat has not been driven for a few years. Admittedly, it has not been stored properly. So before I even start it I wanted to have someone come look at the fuel, fuel lines, hoses, etc to see if things are OK. Does anyone have any recommendations for reputable and quality NSX servicing in the Santa Fe area? Thank you!!
You might want to get a hold of Drew (SFNMNSX) he is in your neck of the woods. Other than that you might want to trailer it down to Montano, they still have a NSX certified mech.
Do you plan on keeping it and fixing it up or are you thinking of selling it?

im in the market if your selling.
What he said^^^ Are you planning to drive it? How long/where has it been sitting?

Might want to take Blackhorse06's suggestion of flatbedding it to Montano Acura. Let them drain/flush/top all the fluids and add new fuel to get it started it properly.

As far as I know there are no NSX tech's in SF. I take mine to Montano for service.

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Definitely not selling it but thanks for asking! Thank you for the advice. Sounds like getting it to Montano Acura is the way to go. I will call them tomorrow. Greatly appreciated!!
Saw the car at the dealership. Looks very nice.