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New NSX info

28 November 2000
San Jose, CA
From vtec.net:
Submitted by Wolfang M. on February 08, 2001 at 00:27:03:
German magazine "auto, motor & sport" writes, that the next NSX will be
ready in 2003. A design-study will be shown at Tokyo Motor Show this
year (2001) in October. First drawing shows no major changes to recent
model (looks now a bit more like the 1st Ford Probe), but 2 things will
definitely be different: No more rectractable headlights and a longer
wheelbase to get more space for engine/tranny.

No decision was yet made for the engine, although it will be bigger than
now. Everything between 8-12 cylindre (N/A or turbo) will be possible -
most likely a V-engine again. And: it will surely be a mid-engine."

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