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New O2 Sensor for 1991-1996

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27 July 2000
Starts at $39.99 on Ebay. Click here o bid.

NEW OEM 02 Sensor for 1991-1996 Honda / Acura NSX

You will need this sooner or later, especially as your NSX gets up there in mileage.

Plug and play, suitable for either the front or rear exhaust bank

Get it now before you have to shell out the big $$$$ to your dealer!

Your dealer shows 2 different part numbers for the 02 sensors only because one has a shorter wire. Go figure...on OBD1 NSX's, the 2 O2 sensors a the same otherwise. This has the longer wire so it can be used either for the front or rear exhaust bank, so it's perfect as a standby spare for your parts box.