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New owner - first big drive - NJ to Toronto.

28 May 2011
sf bay area
So I bought my first NSX last Thursday from the previous owner in Pittsburgh. Between then and now, it's mostly been in the garage, getting new tires, an alignment, headunit, speakers... etc. My first big drive in it was the ~470 miles to Toronto from NJ.

I was pretty nervous about the border crossing, but I got to the American side, and found the vehicle import office. When I went inside, they had a bomb/drug dog check the car.
Then, when inside, the officers were very blunt, and asked why I spent so much time in the US with the car, what I was doing with it there, why I went there to get it, straight questions, no emotion. After entering some stuff in to their computer, they stamped the title and told me to go.

Then I got to the Canadian side. The officer in the booth was nice, and told me exactly where to go for the paperwork.

So I pulled in to the Canadian import lot, and went in to the building.
While I was standing there getting my new work permit, one of the officers was joking around doing the chicken dance and talking about arrested development with co-workers.
I took the import form out to my car to fill some stuff out, and one of the officers standing outside came over after I asked him a question.

He loved the car, had me pop the glass hatch and show him the engine. We talked for a bit, before I went back in to finish the paperwork.

The officer filling out the forms inside found it boggling that I paid mid 20's for a 20 year old Acura. After telling her about it, another officer came in the front door, and started telling the ones behind the desk about the nsx.

"There's an nsx outside! They only made a few of them for Canada and they stopped years ago!"
After they started talking about it I piped up and said "Hey that's my car!" So we talked for a bit more.

Complete opposite experience from the US side. Fuck yeah, Canada.

The thing got ~30 mpg to get here.... I filled up once. The cruise control worked flawlessly. The AC worked flawlessly.

At the gas station a guy driving a road-work truck talked to me about it for a few mins. Then he shook my hand and said he's gonna keep his eye out and try to find one to buy.
Then the cashier came out and asked about it.
Then while on the road, a kid stuck his head out of his car and gave me a really long thumbs up - he stared at the car for like 5 minutes. I crept past and bounced it off the limiter for him.

The car is awesome. I've owned a restored 1970 GTO, 2 turbo miatas, a supercharged 1991 gti vr6... I wasn't really ready for the amount of attention this thing gets.
If you're on the fence, pick one up.



Nice and congrats, I'm looking for the same color as we speak. Enjoy it
Time to meet up with the group of owners in the GTA. We have an active membership base of just over 60. Check out our club events in the Canadian forum and NSX Club of Canada sub-forum.

Congrats on the acquisition. Car looks great.
Absolutely beautiful, I am looking around for a berlina black just like that. Also what kind of rims are those? I think it matches the car perfectly.

Thanks! Those are Enkei pf01's - 17x8 front, 18x9.5 rear. Not sure about the offset as the previous owner put them on. They fit perfectly though, and get lots of compliments, so I just put new rubber on and left em.

Time to meet up with the group of owners in the GTA. We have an active membership base of just over 60. Check out our club events in the Canadian forum and NSX Club of Canada sub-forum.

Congrats on the acquisition. Car looks great.

I need to join the nsx club of canada... but I've been too lazy to find a fax machine after all the stupid insurance stuff I have to take care of. I'm not a Canadian citizen, I just got my Canadian drivers license 8 months ago, the car is being imported... it's like buying a car on hard mode.
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To help with getting Insurance for the NSX in Canada, get a letter from the Insurance Co. that you used "back home", indicating that you have had Car insurance for X number of years.

Canadian Insurance Co, will used this information to determine your coverage and rate.

BTW..you don't have to be a Canadian citizen to join NSXCC:biggrin:

Congrats on a gorgeous car. Clean and simple, the wheels look great!

Funny about the different experiences on each side, but I'm not surprised :rolleyes:

Welcome to the Nsx ownership club :)
I have eaten half my heart out looking at the pictures of your car. Sweet! And what is sweeter yet is that you are driving it. I'm just one clean Catscan away from buying myself one, in fact there is one for sale on the Classified pages here that other than confirming the description I would have bought the minute I saw it become available were it not for the medical thing. I"m only about 80 or so miles from Pittsburgh and I would have very much liked to see the car just to have had the chance to see one up close and personal. Anyway, congratulations on yours, its screamingly beautiful. I'm hoping that good news lets me join the club in the next month or so.
That's funny, because my last big drive in my NSX before selling it was to Toronto (for NSXPO 2009) and then NJ, before returning home!

When I went through the border crossing at the Thousand Islands Bridge (east of TO), I declared that I was bringing back three liters of wine that I had bought in the Niagara region. The border guard laughed and said that I couldn't have fit much more inside the NSX. :)

Congrats on the new acquisition!
Ken, clearly he hasnt spent anytime on YouTube or he would know that you can fit a bit more than that into an NSX.

Glad to see another one come up across the border!

My experience importing my Porsche was that the American side was great, the CDN side, full of asshats.
sweet ride! congrats to ya. had a similar experiernce crossing the border when i brought mine over last year. I will never forget the drive from Cincinnati to London! look forward to meeting you.
Enjoy !!
Congrats! That's a mighty fine super go-kart you got there! :wink: