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New owner in Oz

15 March 2005
Hey I'm new to the site [thanks Lud], just purchased a preloved 93 red/black auto with only 18,300Kms on the clock, log books, one original owner since 93 till 99 [put only 16,000kms on it] and from there car has lived a life of a/c luxury in a Honda showroom... car presents as new, magnificent ride awesome car just love it.
Thanks goes to Michael another aussie owner of an NSX [2 ?] who helped me with the prepurchase inspection of the car. The car is getting serviced today and the squealing Bose speakers are being removed and repaired..[this site was a great help in negotiating with the dealer re repair costs for the speakers]

Pics to follow



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this one must be the one from Larke Hoskin dealer, right ? hmm do you mind to tell me how much you end up paid for ? the car definitely in imaculate condition since always just sitting in the showroom . . .

congratulation Dave


Michael AKA AU_NSX told me bout your purchase and his assistance in your purchase . Anyways hope you enjoy the car like so many of us here in OZ!


Bloody NSW cars why are they all red?
Congrats, You will never stop loving it. Hopefully you can bring it down one day for a cruise.

Nice car maybe need to get rid of those rims :biggrin: :biggrin:
Thanks for the comments [from the Aussies out there] !!, it would appear there aren't as many of us up here in Brisbane...Michael lives on the Gold Coast but is working in Sydney for a while..so I guess I'll find more
Anyway comments - wheels and tyres ..I have been in here for about a month viewing pics, reading, learning, and then realizing the choices in Oz are woefully few ..oh and expensive..the wheels I do like are from Oz racing but aren't avail in Oz..see pic, so for now I may stick with the originals..which still have the original tyres ..
Laski - yes it was the Larke Hoskins car, I negotiated with them for over 2 weeks over price..I paid a little more than what cars are currently listed for sale over here ..but its Ks are so low and its almost as new presentation...did command a premium ...from my experience/knowledge for low k cars you could ask $1000 more per 10,000kms less than what its averaged ks would be for the life of the car...confused, if an average car had 100,000kms then one with only 10,000kms on it could from my dealings with cars 'possibly' command a $9K premium...I know this car they had big $s on it and I certainly didn't pay their ticket price..in the end I was happy with the 'deal' and more importantly the car

Thanks again for the comments
If the Aussies are having Bose problems [spkrs] I'll let you know how this company in Melb goes repairing them..[12 mths warranty]


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MarkB said:
Being from Kansas, I really wish people would stop stealing our catch-word "OZ" (from "The Wizard of OZ").:biggrin: :biggrin:

But Mark, they arent in Kansas anymore!!!!

Now be quiet, or ill fix you and your little dog too!! (i had to find a way to put that in):eek: :biggrin:

BTW...NSXAU, congrats on your NSX!!! love the color!!
Welcome David :wink:

Once again, congratulations on your purchase! Beautiful car!

I know you and your kids love it... I know it will bring many years of joy to you and your kids... :biggrin: How long before they will be asking for the keys??? :eek:

Tell me, has your wife driven it yet?

If so, what does she think of it?
Michael...no she hasn't as yet asked for the drive but it won't be long, she likes being chauferred at this stage...my kids ..my eldest son [20 this year] is just itching to have a go ....when we took it to Honda on Mon, he was most keen .."you drive mine and..I'll drive yours, if you like .." NO !!!, but he did give me a bit of a 'run' on a 100KPH stretch, and he learned respect.. My next son [11] I've run to school in it a couple of times and loves the "entrance" that it makes, and my daughter [15] at her school is finding all these new boys that want to know her... :tongue:

Its still at Honda getting its service, spkrs will take 2 weeks to get sorted and back in, its been gone since Mon and I'm missing it already..
Talk soon for Easter meet
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Welcome to Prime fellow Australian! :D

I'm certain you will enjoy your new car... that's quite a deal with only 18,000kms on the clock. Now you just gotta change the rims, lower it, paint the roof....... JOKING! ;) :D

Oh no... i just realized.... we have two AU's now... ;)
yes after I registered and then noted Michael's 'call sign'[?] I was heard to do a Homer !!...but hey Michael was a wealth of knowledge and assistance with my NSX purchase, we are both Queenslanders [thnking alike][just had to say that!!] ... but something I won't be able emulate is he has 2 NSX - his 2nds a bloody twin turbo CRICKEY !!!...as Micheal said its hard to see out of the back of it for all its engine bits but you probably wouldn't need to :biggrin:

Talking wheels roof colour and nice bits ..this pic is my favourite of a red...



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That NSX is from Panama.

And you can afford another NSX just sell your other Turbo ! and get a Turbo NSX. You got an X5 anyways.

btw, that Canberra 99' Coupe with 4,000Km has just been sold.
Hey Pete,

I'm sorry but your car won't ever look like that.... Your car is BLACK

And you know what they say.... "Once you go black....You never go back!" :biggrin: :biggrin:
Congrats and welcome David.

I have viewed your NSX in the showroom and it is mint! I had asked Larke Hoskin that if they sold the NSX to a NSW buyer to inform the new owner of our club. Oh well, another NSX departs Sydney (not the first time). I am doing my bit, having purchased 2 NSXs from Melbourne.

Please let me know the details about the speaker repair (my drivers door speaker is on the way out). I will PM you my email address.

My ears are still recovering from being behind Michael with his new exhaust on a drive day the weekend before last.

One of these days I will organise an Aussie NSXpo!!!

thanks for the welcome, I am impressed that we have an Oz NSX club..it would be good to get the stats of what cars/colours/ type etc are here in OZ..ceratinly having a local network interconnected with worldwide members ...a certain level of comfort...as Honda [local] when I spoke to them re speakers [not sure who does them..gee were they a problem.....after speaking to 2 dealers..look here's the phone number for Bose...[sorry we don't service our car audio at all !!! here in Oz only home hifi......pls speak to the cars manufacturer...I did they said talk to you... so then back to Honda themselves [H/O this time ... a customer service officer !! voicemail ...don't you hate that i'll put you thru...no you don't ..back to the switch ...remember me ...sorry sir let me check.............well they all appear to be on voicemail....fine give me one of them....I did get a return call much later] ...and it did take them 48 hours to get back to me ..which they said it might take, but to there credit they rang me twice and emailed as well...here it is
..."Hi David

the contact details for the Soundlab Group are

03 9859 0388 ..."
"Hi agian , here is the web address this may be of help also


Kind regards,


James is the guy I spoke to at Soundlabs...about car/spks etc he seemed to know what he's talking about with them ..so they now have all my spkrs..they arrived in Melb y'day ..and he'll call after Easter..to give me an update...I'll be the guinea pig here ...he said if they rebuild they will put a 12 month waranty on them...

Here's hoping
[sorry for the rant :frown: ]

Nice ride mate!

I'm a pilot,(Yank) and flew to "Oz" twice a month for some years. And miss it dearly. The Coogie Bay scene Sydney can't be beat! Your Sheila's are some of the nicest on the planet!

Enjoy the ride. it's like a breath of fresh air every day. And when ya get some more of your colorful money, get the Oz Superleggra gunmetal wheels. Looks good on red. No bling-bling, but nice!

*note the little stem caps with NSX on em'

Cheers! :biggrin:




I guess I'm going to break the trend someday when i get a red NSX and live in Melbourne with it! :confused:

NSXclubofAustralia said:
One of these days I will organise an Aussie NSXpo!!!

That would be SOOOOOOOO AWESOME! We wouldn't mind you organizing it to be hosted in Melbourne either. ;)
Re: Soundlabs repaired spkrs are In !!!

not that I drive my car a lot but finally my spkrs are back in the car...Soundlabs rebuilt 3amps and I had Honda take them out and reinstall...but it sounds greeaatt..I luv it..its nearly as good as listening to Vtec !!!..a little costly about $200 more than I thought, but car is back to the way it should be [and with 12moths warranty on the work] ...

.....I know there's a lot of -ve comment on the Bose system, but with my rebuilt spkr amps..IMHO it would have to be definitely one of the best car 'hi-fi' s I've heard....great sound

David :smile: