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***BEWARE! SCAM!*** 1 Owner From New! 1999 Honda NSX. Black. Pop Up Head Lights. 20,500 miles! Rare Two Tone Optional Interior. Stunning Inside Out!

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26 October 2022
Words Can not really describe just how beautiful and Rare this car is with this spec, one man ownership and mileage. Alas I need to let it go to someone else who can cherish it.


Photos on my Google Drive:

I urge you to go through all the photos and that in itself will outline the top shelf condition of the car.

Here she is.

In short:

1 Owner from New.

JDM spec car sold to the original owner when he lived in Dubai.
He moved to the UK and brought the car with him.

I am happy to ship worldwide, and I ship cars around the globe on a monthly basis. This is my car that I own, and it is in my ownership solely.

I will either sell the car here privately and offer it here only. Or I will put it through a specialist auction in March.

The car has 33,000 kms and the speedo still reads in kms. This equates to approximately 20,500 miles Only!

The car is Factory Black paint which is absolutely stunning and I have recently spent a considerable amount on the car with a professional detailer .etc.

The paintwork is showroom worthy as is the interior.


The car is completely standard spec apart from the Trust Stainless Steel Quad Exit exhaust system which sounds sublime! It literally sounds better than a 90's Ferrari and it is also take when tottling along. It turns heads when opened up.

Every angle of this car just shouts SUPERCARGASM!

It comes with the original alloys wheels in the staggered setup, which have been freshly refurbished in a deep metallic silver (personal preference) and these come wrapped with a full set of brand new all season tyres in the correct oem fitment.

The interior is what you would simply describe as breathtaking and considering only a handful of cars were optioned with this two tone Red/Black Interior, this is likely your one and only chance to buy one. If you want a NSX that is unique from everyone elses, then this is the special car to add to your showroom or fancy garage. Or even just park it in your living room.

The car performs as it should. Everything on the car works. It literally just needs a new owner who can love and appreciate it.

Price point it is very hard to pick a figure for something that is soo rare or unusual to however fron speaking to several specialist auction houses, the general consensus is a price point starting from £85,000 upwards.

I am happy to listen to reasonable offers.
I can say for a fact, that there is not another NSX remotely similar.

I welcome everyone to have a good look. And I wish you all the best this New Year Ahead!

And maybe one of you can fulfil a lifelong dream of owning this literal dream machine.

Thank you for looking.

Pm me to discuss.

Thank you.IMG_20221106_123016.jpgIMG_20221118_154628.jpgIMG_20221106_123117.jpgIMG_20221106_122631.jpgIMG_20221106_122608.jpgIMG_20221106_122941.jpgIMG_20221106_123511.jpg
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Please include a VIN/price and country car resides in...
and he spammed all the wtb threads....
The tags at the top of the post say manual, yet this is quite clearly an automatic. The price is just fantasy-land for an AT, like the interior…
The tags at the top of the post say manual, yet this is quite clearly an automatic. The price is just fantasy-land for an AT, like the interior…
So your 1 owner 20k mile black nsx is better is it?
1999 car. My other nsx is 1997. Just a moment of mix up.
So your ‘97 coincidentally happens to have the exact same mileage and you spammed all the wtb threads with the same info but no ad for a ’97? And your ‘97 is a rare tone interior also?
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The JDM VIN you listed is for a very early 1990 or 1991 NSX chassis. It's not even remotely close to a 1997 or 1999 AT car, which would have a VIN starting at a minimum of 15XXXXX to a max of 19XXXXX. Also, the interior in the car pictured was never a factory option, even under the Custom Order Plan. Also, as noted, the factory 91-93 wheels shown mounted on your car in the picture physically will not fit over the 97+ brakes. So either someone put 1991 brakes on your 1997/99 NSX, or the car in that picture is older than 1997. Finally, the temperature gauge in the car pictured is the original style that was used from 1991-93. 1994 and newer NSXs use a different gauge face. Again, so either someone put a 91-93 temp gauge in your 1997/99 NSX, or the car in that picture is older than 1994.

*Edit for posterity*
The car pictured has red brake calipers. Honda never offered red brake calipers as a factory option on the NSX. 91-96 brakes were painted black and 97-05 brakes were painted gold, except for the NA2 NSX_R, which used black.
The front bumper is also de-badged and, because the two small holes for the badge have been filled, this means the front bumper was repainted. This is not factory original.
It's hard to tell, but the car pictured appears to be missing the +/- gearshift toggle on the steering column that appeared in 1995 (IIRC) for AT-equipped cars. If so, then it's another fact that dates this NSX to pre-1995. It's also missing the "M" shifter position and tach gauge indicator that would enable the SportShift mode, virtually confirming that the car is 1994 or older.

You claim to be the original owner (strangely via the third person) who bought this car directly from Honda in Dubai and then imported it to the UK. None of your advert appears to support this contention. Instead, this appears to be a very early 1990 or 91 AT JDM car that was customized at an upholstery shop and is now being passed off as a much newer and more expensive, "rare" NSX.

The NSX Prime community is small and we look out for each other. I'm going to lock this thread, but leave it up as a warning to future buyers: use extreme caution when considering this NSX. If it truly is in the UK, I would advise any potential buyer to take it to Kaz to verify it's actual history/status. If the seller refuses, walk away.
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thanks for moderating. I too want to keep these threads alive to teach the newbs about scams and learn about the subtle nuance of our beloved nsx...
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