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[1st Gen] NEW PRODUCT INTRO: NSX 100% full carbon fiber center vent trim is now available!

We have some in stock, these are full carbon fiber center vent replacements for your peeling OEM parts! Or if you do have an OEM mint condition vent, best to save it and use one of our carbon ones so you can keep all your OEM parts in pristine condition.

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We also have a Youtube channel with a lot of NSX DIY content, link is in the Instagram link above!

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/EuroBoutiqu...berMotorsports

To purchase, here's our website:


thanks always for your support!
Happy Friday the 13th!

Just got back from NSXPO and sold quite a few of these to owners - we truly appreciate your support and business as this is a large part of why we love what we do here at Euroboutique!

Top 3 reasons people love this product:

a) You get to keep your stock part for safe keeping

b) Carbon Fiber trim is super light weight and resistant to flex

c) Full carbon fiber construction looks simply awesome and much stronger than the stock OEM part

Click here to purchase:

Short Youtube video showing how to install this piece in your NSX:

Questions we are always here for tech support and assistance - don't forget we are also NSX owners and everything you see listed on our website are items we proudly use in our OWN NSX's here!

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Black Friday 2023

Ok fellas, this is our once a year sale that you have been waiting for - we are offering 10% off most items under EuroBoutique in our NSX collection for the 1st and 2nd gen cars.

This sale is our big once a year annual sale so if you have been on the fence on getting parts for your NSX, now is the best time ever to get in on this sale. We have some inventory left from NSXPO so hurry if you want to get something with little to no lead time.

(keep in mind there is no guarantee we have inventory and will be happy to build any parts you want as the parts do not have to be in stock for this sale). HOWEVER the sale positively ENDS on 11/25/23, midnight PST!

Use this link from our website to get the deal or you can email us for a customized quote if you prefer.


thanks again for your support in 2023!

EB staff