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NSteXpo 2005 July 15-17 in Houston

28 June 2004
Houston TX

More information to follow VERY soon!!!

All information can now be found at www.wingtoys.com/NSteXpo2005

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Re: NSteXpo 2005


Who is sets up everything for nstexpo?

I would be happy to volunteer if there is anyway I can help.

On a side note, a few NSX sightings just wondering if any are Prime members...

-02+ Silver NSX on San Felipe/Chimney Rock intersection (driven by attractive blonde female =)
-Red NSX with non-OEM wheels pulled over by HPD this past Saturday on Alabama St. near the Galleria
-95+ Black NSX at Sterling Mccall Acura Service Center
Re: NSteXpo 2005

NSXFreak00 said:

Who is sets up everything for nstexpo?

I would be happy to volunteer if there is anyway I can help.

I think we have everything covered right now. If we need a warm body for something, I will let you know. THANKS!
Count me in!

Awesome work Sam for making this happen!

Of course: I will be there, if for no other reason, to defend Austin’s karting title.
Re: Count me in!

Great, I'm up for most of the events...maybe except the dyno...since mine is just another stocker, but I'll be there since I'm only 5 mins from Autologic....
Re: Count me in!

Sam, my son and i will participate on all events.

Ojas said:
I will be there, if for no other reason, to defend Austin’s karting title.

Ojas, last year i had to slow down on turn 4 because i was running on Michelin tires and if i remember correctly, you were running Bridgestone. :wink: :biggrin:

Now I just to make sure I get the green light from the boss :biggrin:
Well guys

I unfortunately will not be able to make it this year. This is the first one I have missed in 3 years. My NSX is down for a body make over. I am sure you guys will have fun. Nothing better then a whole group of NSX getting together. I am glad some one was able to pull this together.

Have fun guys

I realize this is still over two weeks away, but I need some feedback from folks that are joining us on this endeavor.

The survey had some important information to help get a good head count on things.

T-shirts (did I mention these should be free to NSXCA members?) Need sizes and enough to go around. :eek:

Karting (GREAT price reduction, depending on number attending). :smile:

Dyno Run (so far no one is interested…do we need to plan another activity instead?) :confused:

The hotel will only hold the $62 a night pricing until July 1 (THIS FRIDAY!)

So, please click on the survey and let me know if you will be joining us the weekend of July 15-17, 2005.

Thanks to all that have already taken the time to answer the questions!

I plan to be there. I want to dyno my car. Any idea how much it will cost?

Common Dallas NSXers, If I am going to make it to houston. Surely, you can too. :tongue:
Hello Everyone,

Looks like we will have a good turnout. Realize that after we run the dyno's, we will find lunch, then head over to World Karts. Saturday evening is for awards and such.

All the other activites spoken about sound good, but if everyone plans on being in places other than those planned, please let me know so I can adjust the numbers at karting and the restaurant so we don't take away too many spots.

I would also like to suggest a foldout chair of some sort at the dyno as seating is limited, and so is A/C for that matter. Be sure to be comfortably clothed for that event. We do have quite a few folks that have said yes to the dyno, but this doesn't tie anyone to anything. It just gives us some numbers to go by.

The weather also looks like it will be a small challenge, but if it does get cloudy and possibly rain, that means it won't be 100 degrees in the shade. :wink:

All in all this looks like it will be a great weekend. I can't wait to meet everyone!