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NSX Artwork.....Check It Out!!!!!

14 April 2005
Kansas City
THis is some artwork that our graphics guy did of my new/old NSX. Needless to say he is very good and I love the results.


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He is able to do these in any color. He can also change it over to the new body if needed or with different wheels. The size is 11"x17". The cost framed would be $250.00. I do not know what he would charge just to do the artwork and send it in a jpg. Also, this is not a picture. It is an actual drawing so the wheel size is not 100% accurate. My wheels are 17" and although they look similar the artwork is a little exaggerated. Anybody interested in having their car done like this I can put in contact with the artist. Thank you.


i just did a thread for artwork in offtopic, then moved to vendors... it didn't seem like there was much interest... hmm,

maybe a piece to show is what i need,

what is the medium here? is it digital? or is it hand done, and with what? paint?
It was done using a Walcom Cintiq. This is some type of computer monitor that you can actually draw on. I am far from the expert on this area but I know that it is time consuming. The results are awesome though. I cannot imagine too many owners that would not like to have their car done like this. Mine will be proudly displayed for sure.

oh yes, Walcom has some very cool products.

so it's digital then, then printed out.

thats cool. would be easier to do different colors cuz u can just edit the other works. cool.

$250 each? if he gets any sales, I'm definately releasing a series of work. very nice work he has :)