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NSX Cincinnati Mechanic

Originally posted by nsxlotus:
Just moved to the Cincinnati area
Looking for NSX mechanic to take care of the car. Any reccomendations...

For major work, drive down to Nashville (4-4 1/2 hours) and have the Barnman do the work.

Someone I talked with recommended Performance Acura on Rt4, but I think I would prefer Columbia Acura on Montgomery Rd. That is where I bought my Type R from and I liked the dealership. I have yet to have my nsx serviced at either but speaking to the service people the few times I have been in they seemed to think they had a good nsx mechanic who would also install aftermarket goodies. I will probably talk with the mechanic one on one when I get ready to have my timing belt done this spring. Let me know what you figure out in terms of finding a good dealership.
I live in Evansville which is 3 hours from Cincy and 2 hours from Nashville. My NSX came from Gary Force in Nashville, and my MDX came from Columbia in Cincy. Barney down at Gary Force is the best person to go to if you can. I don't know much about the NSX skills at Columbia but I didn't get the feeling they work on very many there. If you do go to Columbia do not let them wash your car. It's not worth the time. It's free but I could do better in 5 minutes with a dish sponge and a glass of soapy water. I really liked our sales consultant there, though.


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