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NSX daily drivers

14 September 2008
For all of the daily driven NSX out here. How do you protect the front bumper and hood from chips and dents? I've heard of some 3M stuff, is it worth it and are there other products?
Or you could just buy one of the OEM leather bras. Mine already had some chips so it was actually an improvement. Had mine on for 7 years and it was starting to crack so I just installed my second one. Unfortunately, I have to use the highway a lot so doing nothing isn't really an option
Don't sweat the rock chips...they just happen. The AC condenser intake surrounds practically inhale rocks. After 165,000 miles I finally had to replace my radiator from a rock hitting the already-beaten-to-a-pulp radiator and puncturing it at speed. Get used to it. I've had the front of the car repainted twice already.
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Yep, just accept it. A 3m bra will hold the paint in place where alot of the rock hits it tho. So over time your front will look better but some chips will still lose there paint and you will still have to repaint anyway. At that point you will have spent money on the bra and the repaint you will eventually have to do.
I highly recommend the 3M treatment. I have mine on since new with 24K miles over 2.5 years and it has saved the front end of my car more times than I can count. It works great and most folks dont even know it is there.

I also bought an RSX-S (Black) at the same time and did not do it on that car. The front end and hood look like they have been hit by a shotgun. This car has half the miles, but driven on the same roads.......Steve
Take a look at the photo of NSX GT-R front (in the trailer) in the once in a life time posting. You'll see the rock chips. If they're good enough for the GT_R, they're good enough for mine:biggrin: